Cover of Game Informer Magazine, June 2017


For this month cover of Game Informer Magazine they are dedicating it to a list of the Top 100 RPGs of all time. On the cover of their magazine I believe that they include one of the dragons from Panzer Dragoon in the top left hand corner of it. However, I am not exactly sure.


Possibly the Arm Wing from Saga, although the colours are wrong if so. The rider doesn’t appear to be from Panzer Dragoon, but that’s probably intentional.

I would be very surprised in Panzer Dragoon Saga doesn’t make it into the list.


IGN also started their own top 100 RPG list this week. So we’ll see if it makes it onto their list as well.


Cool, maybe someone could show us some scans?


Everything appears to be an interpretation by the artist, so I wouldn’t expect it to look exact. There is also what could only be a Saturn control pad right next to the dragon, so that seems like a lock.

It would be a crime/joke for Azel not to at least make any top 100 list.


The Sega Saturn controller is another reason why I thought that the dragon was from Panzer Dragoon.


Well, Panzer Dragoon Saga, didn’t, make it onto IGN’s top 100 list. It just goes to show you how great games can be completely forgotten by people; falling into obscurity, when they were on a dying or failed system…

Skies of Arcadia made #41 and Chrono Trigger made #1 of course! So, I guess I’ m happy about that; but no PDS love!:anjou_wow:



Yes this is unfortunately true. I went through IGN’s list and wasn’t too happy with it. It seemed to me that a lot of the games were sort of on there for nostalgia or popularity reasons, and also the ranking of some of the games seemed very off to me.

For example, in my opinion Persona 3 should not have been on the list, it’s a good game but not one to be put on a top 100 list of all time. Additionally the ranking of the Persona games on the list is very odd, with Persona 3 at number #47, while Persona 5 is at number #50, and Persona 4 at #13.

Another ranking that through me off was Pokemon Moon/Sun at rank #30 and Pokemon yellow at #4

Just some example of why I don’t like the list too much.