Copies of Panzer Dragoon Saga


I was wondering if anyone know how many copies of the game exists, both NTSC and PAL.

One site say 10000 and wikipedia says it was reprinted for the Saturn three times with 6000, 12000 and lasly 12000 = 30000 copies. This appears to be only for NTSC.

Can anyone confirm this or have any info about PAL copies?


i have no idea about the pal version, i know its easier to get than the NTSC version(but i heard they made anywhere frome 3000 to 12000(not including the supposed number that get damaged in shipping).

They only made 999 for europe, so getting an NTSC version would be a lot easier, which is strange.

How easy a game is to get hold of isn’t nessecarily just a measure of how many copies were made. It’s also how desirable the game is to own, sadly because SAGA is so sought after it is essentially becomming harder to get hold of as time goes on (as it’s generally only collectors that purchase it)

The Japanese version is not highly sought after despite the fact its still not the most common game on the planet.

There’s a level of irony with it as it’s basically Collector’s faults that SAGA costs so much in the first place, as they placed the first bids. There are plenty of really rare games that are worst almost nothing because collectors don’t find them interesting.

It is the collectors’ “fault” for recognizing transcendent quality?

I’ll cop to that, as I would imagine most will. :anjou_happy:

you also have to think about how many were damaged in shipping

I have a PAL copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga… laying in a box collecting dust.

Is it in mint condition?I’ll buy it from ya!

Hmm not really. The discs are fine and the two cases are fine, but the actual cardboard box that housed the cases was damaged when it was given to me (1998) and has since been obliterated.

Not for sale though I’m afraid, I’d love to have the time to play through it again :anjou_happy:

If I change my mind for whatever reason though, you will be the first to know!

Yeah you do that.I’m sorry to hear about the cardbox.I “lost” it and the game manual a LOOOONG time ago.If I knew how to play a japanese copy on my PAL Saturn I might buy a japanese version next time actually.So I could get in touch with the complete original vision (names,lines, etc)

I’ve been wondering to but apparently this is as close as we’ll get unless sega lets us know which I doubt they ever will. Certainly not enough to meet demand

Neil, are you sure that there were only 999 made for Europe?

I always thought that that American release was the rarest, with the European one shortly behind.

Fortunately the rom is everywhere! :anjou_happy: