Coolia's dung!

Did anyone ever get the item called Coolia’s Dung? You can find it above the excavation site. Go to the end of the map just before the save point and just before the exit. You will see a container hanging on a line with flags. Lock on and shoot this container about 8 times until it falls and you will recieve Coolia’s Dung. The description of this item says: Fossilized Coolia feces from millions of years ago. Now why would this be hanging inside a container at the excavation site? :anjou_wow:
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Yep I’m sure most of us know this item.You can get it in the Red Ruins too.There might be other places…

I suspect the Empire dug some coolia dung up at the excavation site and shoved it in one of those crates to send off to the academy for further research. Or something along those lines.

Also, the term ‘millions of years’ might have been a translation error, since the Ancient Age happened a mere ten thousand years ago… millions of years seems a long time for one species to inhabit the planet, and to have survived the downfall of the Ancient Age, although I guess it’s possible.

maybe the ancients were actually coolia!? :anjou_wow:


You never know…

I think it just further proves that the Panzer world isn’t Earth (when combined with the twin moons). I’ll have to add this to my article about the ancients.

Why can’t it be Earth exactly?

(I don’t think it’s Earth.In fact if someone tells me it’s Earth I’ll …)

If coolias are indiginous to the Panzer world, and originated there millions of years ago, it cannot be Earth.

I’m open to the possibility that the description of the coolia dung was a translation error, and that one of the twin moons is actually a Death Star though. :anjou_happy:

Well Geoff we can also that because we never really see the flora and fauna we know (from our planet - Earth) in the Panzer Dragoon world that it ain’t Earth.

What would make the PD world Earth?Isn’t it the climate flora and fauna?

The Panzer series isn’t set on Earth. End of story. :anjou_sad:

Yeah, I get the feeling that most of the English item descriptions (certainly the English item names) were added in translation, especially seeing as this one doesn’t quite sync up with the info in PDO. (I’ve probably brought this up before, but PDO’s encyclopedia says that Coolias are mutated monsters, that mutated monsters are the descendents of the Ancients’ pure-type monsters, and that the Ancients ruled the world only ten thousand years ago…)

Were coolia classified as mutated-types in Saga?

Personally, I’m not prepared to dismiss any of the information found in Panzer Dragoon Saga because I refuse to believe that everything we’ve learnt about the games was a lie.

How do we know that the ancients didn’t take the DNA of pre-historic coolias, then manipulated that DNA to bio-engineer a pure type monster which then regressed back to a coolia? Yeah, yeah, I know that’s stretching the imagination a little, but that’s what I live for. :slight_smile:

I just did a quick search on the script, and the only reference of that kind in PDS seems to come in one of the books, where Coolias are referred to as “monsters”; with them obviously not being pure-type monsters, we’d probably assume from that info that they were a mutated strain. Also, the background story in the PDZ manual implies that Coolias are no different from most monsters (in that they’re the legacy of the Ancients), expect that they’re a species humans have been able to tame. Admittedly the stories in the game manuals aren’t really good translations, but as that syncs up with the info in PDO I’d say it was probably accurate in that respect.

I was talking about the “enemy library” in PDS.I’m 90% sure Coolia were there.

Unfortunately they weren’t; the PDS gallery only contains creatures that you can fight and kill, whereas the PDO gallery has other random things (like Coolias) thrown in as well.

I wouldn’t call it a lie exactly, but I guess we should accept that a lot of the details in our version of the script will differ from the original script, simply because of the manner in which it was translated (and we know that it was based on a loose translation of the Japanese script where the English scriptwriter(s) filled in the blanks). On the other hand though, we ended up with a script that was actually a very good English game script, and which does sound infinitely more natural and believable than many Japanese-to-English RPG translations.

Well I know I prefer it too be all a lie than have games like Orta having different views of certain cinematics (like the whole narrator dela - Sestren/Lagi) …

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]

How do we know that the ancients didn’t take the DNA of pre-historic coolias, then manipulated that DNA to bio-engineer a pure type monster which then regressed back to a coolia? Yeah, yeah, I know that’s stretching the imagination a little, but that’s what I live for. :)[/quote]

I actually like that idea, because like in our world there were things that existed before we evolved ourselves. It reminds me of the idea of how some people today are currently tying to resurrect the extinct Mammoth species through means of DNA.

Collias stand out more to me in the pd world because they are in their own catergory of creatures, nothing insect like, shells or the usual patterns you see on the greater majority of the PD creatures. They remind me a lot more of the extinct Saurischia creatures of the earth.

The humans and the whales are the only mammals present in the PD world as well. And whales are a species that has lived for millons of years, starting off as dog like creatures and evolving into massive creatures like the Basilosaurus(40-70 feet long, massive carnivore!) that ultimately became modern day ceteceans.

Interesting facts like that just shows that a creature, through the strange ways of evolving into so many different forms, can exist for a very long period of time.

… sorry if those facts bored some of you… :anjou_embarassed:

I guess you mean Ornitischia, the biped species.

Actually PD (and also FF) has only coolias because Nausicaa rides a biped (I think it’s Master Yupa’s animal called Kai).


I guess you mean Ornitischia, the biped species.[/quote]

Both Saurischia and Ornitischia had Bi-ped species, Examples being Dilophosaurus as Saurischia and Pachycephalosaurus as Ornitischia.

The difference is that one has a more lizard like hip and the other is a bird like hip.

In Nausicaa they are called Horseclaws, with her Horseclaws being named Kai and Kui. Although there are mammals that they ride on as well but they are not bi-pedal… I forget what they are called.