Cool new Panzer t-shirt

at least new to me- I think came out with Sega Ages PD1

That’s quite cool. I remember seeing a really good Zwei one on eBay, but I didn’t buy it . . . I should have. >:( I’d buy one of those, but I don’t know if they ship to the UK and I doubt they support Maestro or PayPal. Anyone feel like putting one on eBay? :anjou_happy:

ok if someone tells me how much it costs to buy and ship to UK, i’ll pay them for it and a bit extra =)

I’d also be interested in that, assuming it’s cheap enough. :anjou_happy:

The number “3,990” is listed on the page. Assuming that this is the price in yen, then it would work out to be approximately 16.7 pounds.

how much would that be in dollars?
that looks awesome!