For anyone who hasn’t seen this yet, it’s a browser-based flash puzzler. It actually reminds me quite a bit of Portal in that it will give your spatial reasoning skills a workout and it’s designed to teach you how to play the game as you go along (the only instructions you ever see are in a corner of the first level). Also like Portal, it’s a bit short, but you’ll be wishing there were more when you do complete that last stage.

Also, the music is phenomenal. I’ve actually left the game running in the background just to listen to it.

im a big fan of flash games, had this topic open in a tab for ages, finally got around to checking it out

it’s a good game, i enjoyed it but it wasn’t an amazing experience.

maybe because the music cuts in and out all the time cos you move around in small chunks. ah well

worth a play though, but i don’t think i’ll be going back to it :slight_smile:

For whatever reason I felt like trying it this time I looked at the topic, and had a lot of fun. Played straight through, my noggin was quite addled as I neared the finish, had to grab some sugary snack somewhere around level 25 and that saw me through to the end! The music is great I agree, good ambiance and the change for planning and action modes worked for me.