Contact details update

If anyone needs to get in touch with me directly regarding the site/forums, my email address/Windows Live Messenger ID/XMPP ID account is now will still work for emails (I’ve set it up to also send the emails to my new inbox), but this ID will no longer work for Windows Live/XMPP.

Or just send me a PM. :anjou_happy:

I really want as my own!

By the way, you sure you don’t want to anti-spam those email addresses?

It should be okay showing those email addresses publicly… the Gmail spam filter is quite good.

Too bad doesn’t expire until 7/8/2013. and aren’t taken though. In some ways I actually prefer .net to .com as it’s more of a “neutral” TLD.

If you register a domain you can point it to my Dreamhost account if you want. Saves having to pay for your own.

Hmmm. is available. I might start looking into that once I have some web design software to work with. Thanks for your kind offer, I might take you up on it :slight_smile:

The problem I have with web design software, is that it will often produce mixed results behind the scenes, even if the pages look okay when rendered in a browser. Everyone has their own way of approaching the problem; my preference is to use individual tools for each task:

For Windows I use Adobe Photoshop for raster image editing and Fireworks or Flash for vector based image editing.

The GIMP is another handy (free) tool for image editing.

Notepad++ is a useful text editor that I use for coding and markup. Lots of advanced text editing features.

WYSIWYG editors like Dreamweaver aren’t bad either, but can produce unclean markup, creating accessability and maintainability issues in the long run. So it pays to have an understanding of XHTML/CSS and the philosophy of separating design (CSS) from content (XHTML) if you’re going to use it. More info about this approach to web design can be found in this article: The newer versions of Dreamweaver are a lot better at generating tableless layouts, but aren’t perfect.

The XHTML/CSS validators on the W3C’s website are especially useful tools for checking your markup and stylesheets:

The Firefox Web Developer extension adds a toolbar to Firefox allowing you to resize your browser to different display resolutions, and highlight different elements on the page. Good for testing and debugging issues. is an excellent resource for XHTML/CSS tutorials, as well as a (complete?) list of tags and styles. Thanks to Scott from these forums for showing me this site :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.

I’ve noted your change of address for future reference plus emailed you just now.

:anjou_love: htmldog

also, try Notepad2 (not tried notepad++ but both of these text editors seem to be the most recommended)

I don’t know what id do without my domain.
Although i havn’t made a email account yet. i might do it in the future, but i already have too many accounts as it is =(