Concerning Saturn Resolution

I started playing the Panzer Dragoon series again and I’ve noticed some serious flaws in the quality of the picture that I didn’t really notice before. I’ve got 'er hooked up through the old RF unit so that probably explains it… Does anyone have any recommendations on how to squeeze the best picture out of a Saturn? I’ve just got a regular tube TV with 480i resolution. Specific products would be appreciated!

I think the best thing they released for the Saturn officially was an RGB SCART cable. One way of getting a better picture might be to buy a VGA box that’ll allow you to plug a SCART lead in and upconvert to 1024*768. Of course your TV will have to have to have a VGA input for that, though it’d look nice playing on a monitor too.

Or get a tiny tv.

I tried not to laugh, but failed. :smiley:

I’ll mention the SCART also, since it’s what I’ve always used, the best simple option available that I know of and gives a pretty brilliant picture!

I had both an RF Lead and Scart come with my original Saturn. The RF Lead I used before I had a TV with a scart socket in the back, and it was okay, but made the picture very hazey. I noticed the same with the Dreamcast. But the Scart on both the Saturn and Dreamcast made the picture amazingly crisp and colourful, and the split up of the sound was incredible. It was a whole new experience playing the Panzer games again.