Concerning Panzer Dragoon Orta

I need a little help. I have played for over 30 hours, and not all of my options in Pandora’s Box are open. Is my game stuck, or is it screwed up? Does anyone know a loophole I can use?

If this is off topic, forgive me. I’m new to this whole “Don’t post off-topic” thing, and my mind wanders. I would appreciate your assisstance and advice.

Don’t worry about off-topicness. Our mods are actually pretty laid back. It’s really only off-topic if you decide to post a topic about, say, Chocolate, on the Seeker’s Stronghold board (unless it’s Panzer-themed chocolate, which I doubt we’ll ever see.)

As for your question. That is a bit odd. Are you sure that the thirty hours were all played in story mode? I don’t think that twenty hours in the box game counts :wink:

But seriously, there has to be something wrong. I honestly doubt that your game is defective in that way…

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“What kinds of snacks do you suppose they eat in the Panzer world?”


As of the box thing, I really dunno.

Orta, are you sure that you’ve played the game for over 30 hours or just had the game on for that long? Watching cut scenes, etc, doesn’t count towards the total play time. So you actually have to have played the game for 20 hours.

I’m sure. I looked at the little “Play Time” thing listed, and it says (get this) I have played for 54:21 hours. (Dude…) Thing is, nothing is open… And I’m not even sure I played that long. Should I keep, you know, trying or something? Try and hope something comes up?

Just replay it then =P

Yup. I guess I will.

You could always erase you save file and play the game again for another 20 hours, maybe? That might fix the problem.

Cheater!You copied my idea!!

“Just replay it then =P”

I thought you meant for her to keep replaying the game from her existing save file.

Nah I meant for her to play agehn (from the begging).

You are still a cheater :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i was kidding in case you don’t know.

Alright this is all a little messed up but it will help, What you need to do is beat the game on easy normal and hard…And you need a minamal of a C on each level, once you are done must keep re doing the game on easy normal and or hard until you get 20 or more hours…dont use the box game to do so ok? Hope that helps ya orta.

Thing is, Orta’s already played for WAY over 20 hours.

Orta: Exactly how much of Pandora’s Box is open? None at all?

Yes but he did it all wrong :smiley: no sweat though…it took me awhile as well…so im not perfection etheir.

0>0 Last I recall, Orta was a laydee. :slight_smile:

But what do you mean she did it all wrong? Isn’t the twenty hour thing also a prerequisite for Pandora’s Box?


It actually annoyed me that Pandora’s Box did open after however many hours, rather than you having to earn it all by getting good at the game. But yes, everything unlocked for me before I could achieve my hardcore ambition of a 100% shot down ratio and “S” grade for every level, and I’m pretty sure that was when I hit the 20 hours mark. (I did go on to get all those grades anyway, though, because I just enjoyed playing the game so much.)

Well there is a certain order to it sometimes if it is not right it wont work…some games do it differently though…it all depends on you final rank in the flight records the higher the better our chance the lower…well then its harder, but thats just a guess.

Exactly how much of Pandora’s Box is open? None at all?[/quote]

Well, some. Most of the illustrations, some of the events. Like three films. I eventually did get Box Game open… But I can only fly as Orta and the Dragon… SO MANY QUESTION MARKS! HELP ME!

o.o wow you are messed up…hmmm…well…!! i know, now i remember you must beat the game on hard with a total of only 44 hits…which means that you can only offord 4 or 5 hits on each level to unlock a junk load of stuff…but thats the hard way, easy is 20 hours, but you must have beaten the last level with an A or higher in each dificulty.