Completed Orta on Hard

Now my Pandora’s Box is open to 52.04%. What do I have to do to open it fully? Please don’t say ‘S’ rankings and 100% shot down ratios…

Yes I think it’s got to do with your score…but also just keep playing, it’s like the ZWEI’s pandora’s box where it opens fully after you have completed certain total hours of play.
I could be wrong since I only write what I remember from the other forums, I don’t actually have the game (or an X-box for that matter), I’ve just completed it once on easy myself at a shop.

lol, bet you hogged the machine for hours :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather open the box on achievement, rather than time.

Then start getting those S rankings :stuck_out_tongue:


You only need what something like 24 hours of play to open it completely? I have my pandors box open similarly to you. I should go back and beat the game a few more time.

I believe it’s 20 hours of play to open it completely.

you could always hang yourself.

Just play the game, it’s lots of fun and a great story…

I have over 48 hours logged, just replaying stuff. It’s probably my most played Xbox game.

Ditto:I love using the Dragonmare :slight_smile:

You can use a dragonmare!?!?!

I’m coming for ya baby!

Keep in mind, Shadow, that to unlock the Dragonmare you must S each and every single one of Iva’s missions.

Or play for 20 hours. I never really liked Iva’s dumb little side story.

I like using the white dragonmare, pretty… ^___^

Like it has been said, just play the game for 20hrs. Thank god its a great game to play for that long without getting bored.

The gameplay could be frustrating, but the story gave a good insight into the lifestyles of the Seekers and the Empire. A worthy addition to be sure.

but wtf was up with that tree thing at the end? err…bah nvmd

You mean this tree? … ory_30.htm