Complete your Panzer Dragoon Collection … 66965&rd=1

I’m suprised you’re posting that here Lagi, rather than keeping a secret and bidding on it for your own collection. Nice find! :anjou_happy:

Too bad the seller not offering Paypal for payment, otherwise I’d bid on it.

Same problem here; in fact, this game was up for auction last week and I was planning to try and snag it myself, but it was only when I went to bid on the last day that I realised he didn’t accept PayPal - it looks like no one bid and it was relisted. I should have thought to post about it here when I realised really; as awful as the game looks, it’s not something that pops up very often…

While we’re on the subject of eBay though, I noticed that one shop had the official player’s guides for Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon Zwei and Panzer Dragoon Orta and one of the unofficial Azel guides for sale at the moment: they’re not overly cheap at $20 each, but as they’re relatively tricky to find I thought someone might be interested: … 81970&rd=1 … 86993&rd=1 … 20952&rd=1 … 84579&rd=1

I bought one of these books from there myself, and they seemed like a very reliable seller.

There is some PD merchandise I’m gonna buy when I get some money.The 4 OST’s are a given.Then a Saturn copy of the original Panzer Dragoon.Believe it or not I don’t own it.Then I wanna buy that one guide from Zwei “Die Welt von Panzer Dragoon Zwei”.

The little game lagi posted doesn’t really interest me tho.I don’t buy merchandise for the sake of having it unless it’s not somehting you can really use.

I got my hands on the Zwei OST and the Azel Complete Album. I may buy the Memorial Album too; just because it’s there. :anjou_happy:

And also… what is this game? :anjou_embarassed:

Awesome Lance, I was looking for the Famitsu Orta guide. Thank you kindly!

The sixth Panzer Dragoon game. … creen1.jpg … creen2.jpg

From the bit of research I did when I realised this game existed a few months ago, it’s basically just one of those cheap LCD games that were still churned out in the mid-nineties, but it’s one that comes as a cartridge for an actual LCD system (the presumably unsuccessful Tiger R-Zone) rather than a stand-alone handheld game. Lagi has a handful of images from the game on his site, including two screenshots: … creen1.jpg … creen2.jpg

…and some of the “sprites”: … agoons.jpg … ambart.jpg … ndworm.jpg

Looks mind-blowing, doesn’t it? :wink:

EDIT: Whoops, Solo got there before me…

Thanks for the information and links, guys!


Motherfucker! I bought this game a long time ago at a toy store. Of course, being a younin’ at the time, I broke it/lost it/ whatever.

Oh well. The game sucked anyway.

Yeah, I have the game and it is pretty much what it looks it … more fun for being an odd curiosity than something really cool.