Command & conquer 3

just wondering what you C&C fans think… i know geoffrey duke should have something to say (i hope)

I liked everything until tiberian sun also red alert 1 and this seems good but I’m very skeptical. is this going to be released on a console??

Tiberium Sun had a lot of great ideas (like the Ion Storms, the seemingly immortal and dark visionary Caine and the mysterious alien spaceship Caine obviously crashed landed on, or found and reverse engineered the technology from) that sadly weren’t implemented very well due to the unrefined Voxel graphics engine.

Westwood’s original goal was to have a game playable on most PCs at the time, but the game took so long to make that it didn’t quite work out that way. Starcraft’s graphics engine and in game narrative beats it every step of the way, but Tiberium Sun’s cinematics kept it up to a good standard.

I’m glad to see Micheal Ironside making an appearance. In World of Warcraft there’s a gnome town with a platoon of gun toting gomes called the Roughriders led by a mean looking bald eye patched gnome called Ironsides who are constantly fighting back an invasion of giant insects bearing a striking resemblence to the arachnids seen in Starship Troopers.

The art direction for the Zerg was actually inspired by that film, hence the blatent homage to it, and the cult sci fi actor Ironside.

Btw guys and girls, some fans have uploaded some of the movies found in Tiberium Sun.

Check out the Brotherhood of Nod ending where Kane converts the whole world into pure Tiberium by concentrating the alien plantlife into a warhead:


He basically wanted to evolve humanity to the next level. It’s easy to see why Kane is one of the most original villains seen in any game.

That ending doesn’t actually happen cannonically, thankfully!

You can watch the (campy) GDI (good guy ending) ending here as well:


“No, I’m not God, but I’m a close second”.

Kane takes the concept of eugenics to a genocidal extreme (the strongest culling the weak so that the strong can become stronger). When reality starts to embark into the realm of science fiction such as this, then we should be worried.

Kane and the CnC storyline is just so amazing
from the trailer of CnC3 its just a reminder of just how much power he has…

“How could my own brothers believe that what transpired at the temple prime did not unfold exactly how i planned… of course i could not have planned for an ambush BY MY OWN FORCES!”

demo 90% done… can’t wait =)