Collection of Nausicaa Artwork (Nausicaa's Ass Part 2 LOL!)

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve uploaded an extensive amount of Nausicaa artwork to the multimedia section of They are scanned from the Nausicaa art book and quite a few pieces can only be found here. I sort of salvaged them from an old Nausicaa site I made a long while ago. So, I hope you can appreciate the artwork and creative minds that brought them into existence! Enjoy!

It’s pretty nice that you managed to upload all that artwork.

Nausica reminds me of the golden age of anime.

Thanks, it took many hours of scanning!

Yeah, I haven’t watched any good anime since Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and the new Thundercats. You know, something unique with a creative story that’s not just about fighting (cough-Bleach-cough-Naruto-cough).

I wonder how we can go from something like Ninja Scroll (the OVA) and Tank Police to Naruto.

Naruto makes baby Jesus cry.

The last anime I really enjoyed was Cowboy Bebop and Deathnote.

A friend just recommended me Princess Mononoke which was written and directed by the same guy who made Nausica. The art is quite similar it seems, and all hand drawn if I am not mistaken.

Yes, that would be the great Hayao Miyazaki!

Princess Mononoke is worth watching. Also, worth checking out are Laputa: Castle in the Sky and Spirited Away, both directed by Miyazaki as well.

I recently watched Studio Ghibli’s film Arrietty, based on The Borrowers stories. I enjoyed it and would recommend the film if you’re after a good anime. However, I still think the live action BBC series is the best adaption of The Borrowers.

I seem to be going back in time a lot and enjoying the anime I missed. Modern work rarely manages to catch my attention. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough though.

In that case I’d recommend Darker than Black (at least the first season) and Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex if you haven’t watched those yet.

Aside from Myazaki’s movies, I think Satoshi Kon’s movies are definitely worth a watch as well.

Thanks. I might check those out.