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If you read the review you?ll see what i mean.

Everything i thought that was going to go wrong did. Right now i?m so F****** pissed off i can?t even express it in words, how can a developer back stab that people who have been supporting a franchise from the start like that? Is money the only thing this people care about now? Is this what gaming is becoming? Are gamers STUPID today? Are the suppose fans becoming stupid by saying this is actually good.Really.

I?ll relief my pain now with some Zelda or something, if any of you is an Ace Combat fan leave your opinion and get ready for a heart attack once you see what they have done to the franchise, see you guys

The usual business model is: be as cheap as possible and aim for majority. The majority seem to be auto-pilot “gamers”. Admittedly gaming is not a hobby or a passion for most people but that’s where my sympathy usually ends for them.

Money is all that matters in this world.

It’s why you should simply not buy whatever you don’t want to support. People only learn from failure.

Some things, however, cannot be dumbed down by virtue of their very nature such as competitive gaming.

In the end, games are just a reflection of their market (for better or for worse).

The 1up review had a line about the type of stupidity that only anime-inspired and Japanese developed games could manage.

Hell, I played and hated CoD4, but it’s not the problem with the new Ace Combat.

[quote=“Brandt”]The 1up review had a line about the type of stupidity that only anime-inspired and Japanese developed games could manage.

Hell, I played and hated CoD4, but it’s not the problem with the new Ace Combat.[/quote]

What the “Gentlemans” from 1UP can?t see is that they are actually stupid themselves. The storylines on Ace Combat often touched such sensitive themes like the impact of war on pilots, familys, the population, even the world itself.
The anime just made them even more interesting.

As far as i?m concerned 1up doesn?t deserve any respect from me, they are just as stupid as the gamers who only want explosion and the generic and 1000 thousand times used plot of USA vs Russia.

And by the way, can?t those guys see that they are actually insulting Japan with that argument? How arrogant and short sighted can one be?

Just to make a comparison, while the guys at 1UP are short sighted and insulting towards Japanese developer and anime developers for that matter, GameSpot actually shows they have been paying attention to the series, i quote:

“No single moment exemplifies the spirit of the new and soulless vision of Ace Combat better than this display of alpha male bravado. Assault Horizon provides heaps of the visual spectacle you’d see in a summer blockbuster–but absolutely no depth.”

“Gone is the devotion to heartfelt storytelling of previous Ace Combat games”

“You wouldn’t generally look to a flight combat game for a poignant narrative, but the Ace Combat series has a history of interesting stories that give weight to the action. Assault Horizon’s opening is promising. One of your first dogfights has you screaming past towers and buildings in an F-22. There’s no actual danger of crashing during this dogfight, though it effectively conveys the illusion of narrow escapes from the jaws of death. As it turns out, the battle is a nightmare in which you imagine your own death. Afterward, you meet your fellow pilots and learn of the international alliance to which you belong, as well as the insurgent threat you face. But once the plot is in full swing, nothing happens that you can’t see coming, and the dialogue turns to standard airman chatter and mission briefings. A few attempts at emotion are appreciated, but it’s hard to care about these characters when almost every line they utter is to move the plot, rather than to develop them as human beings. Compare this to Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, which explored the effect war had on pilots as well as their loved ones, and voiced multiple points of view–not just that of the “good guys.” It allowed itself to ponder. Assault Horizon’s story comes down to that final fist-pump: all bluster, no substance.”

All buster no substance, that sums it up.

About the gameplay, we had a discussion not long ago about how little skill its actually required for todays games, and for that i quote "Assault Horizon takes the arcade aspects of previous games and distills them even further. Now, you don’t even need skill to triumph in the air; "

I remember the days from Ace Combat 5 where i would play mission “8492” as well as the arcade mode to improve my skill. For sure after a while i managed to get S rank on all missions and became a pro at using the Gun, but it required work, lots of work.

You can’t blame people for going where the wind blows. It’s too profitable to not stand your ground.

It’s just people supplying demand. They still win, personally. They make money.

So, just don’t support garbage to force people to work for your money. The same greed just invests all its money in countries where labor is controlled and cheap.

Greed baby.

Of course, I am only speaking generally. Like I said, not everyone treats gaming like a hobby.

The same thing happened with the Shining Force series. It got mainstreamed and lost what made the series special. The best we can do is not buy the games.

Due to the rising costs of game development, Xbox Live Arcade and the like have become the homes of games that dare to step outside the status quo. Perhaps this isn’t a bad thing, although if graphics are important to you, you may have to settle for less.

I think in my case I will look for a clear separation between gamers and non-gamers. Sooner or later anyway. I think that PVP will always be the realm of the hardcore because it’s impossible to dumb down thanks to the fact that if you want to win you are forced not to lose.

I wish that people would be more honest about reaching out to a wider market. It can reach a point where someone gambles on broadening their horizons as a game (like in the case of SF) when they could settle into a profitable niche.

Greed is a funny thing. I think that the need for constant growth to net income can hurt gaming. I’ve found that some of the best games have bridged the gap between hardcore and casual.

But that’s just me. We have to remember that it’s business. Nothing more and nothing less. Accept it, and make the business work for you.

What on earth as this got to do with COD I do not know, get a grip Windrider

And btw play the game your self, don’t go by reviews

[quote=“Team Andromeda”]What on earth as this got to do with COD I do not know, get a grip Windrider

And btw play the game your self, don’t go by reviews[/quote]

I played the demo and thats enough, after playing the demo i could see what was coming, GameSpot review just confirms it, and it has everything to do with CoD. Starting on the Modern Warfare style storyline, the Apache sequences that feel like an FPS, the influences of CoD are everywere.

I don?t know if you ever played Ace Combat but i assure you this has nothing to do with the Ace Combats i know.

And i won?t buy the game, after playing the demo and seeing my fear confirmed by not only GameSpot but also other fans that are pissed off right now, i certainly won?t waste my money.

Please, if one played the early demo of Orta one may have thought the game was poor and wonder what on earth people we talking about with regards to being a great shooter and wonderful graphics, the demo of VT IV was piss poor, compared to the final game

The demo of AC plays very much like the demo of AC 6 bar the extra helicopter mission, so your logic baffles me somewhat.

Played the system 21 Arcade version, the 1st PS game and PS2 game, and still own AC 6 on the 360

But I don’t go by what Gamespot says their review of perfect Dark was a complete joke - how on earth could that score a 9 ??? same deal with the last COD game (which was utter rubbish, but got rave reviews)

I am not sure whats a hardcore gamer. seriously phantasy star IV was a piece of cake unless you dont get the idea that buffs kill the games difficulty. And I absolutely love the game, there are hardly any games I played so often, simply because I love the style and the story and the music and… well everything. Is a gamer less of a gamer if its not so much about loosing or winning ?

Sounds like what this society is mostly made of .

I can really think of gorgerous games whithout any contest whatsoever, but hey, I loved play as a kid building worlds, and thats what I love today, building intruiging worlds or explore them . Gaming is just one route for me, one I love though. So am I not hardcore enough ? seriously who cares.

There are many ways to play and the indie games today could have been the masterworks of the mainstream yesterday.

Cool down everybody, use your energy into creating something worthwhile.

Or simply enjoy that you breath air, seriously ?

Its easy to hate and flame everything just some things become obvious.

Maybe if our world would be more mellow and / or poor the masses would scream more for pain and war ?

Actually I see many rich kids being depressed and lusting for warfantasies.

Go figure. Everyone craves for what you do not have, its how we are and I think most people are simply fed up by hardcore competition and some have seen enough alarming news to simply wish for mellowness. some simply want to propagate war. this is all no news really…

enjoy your life as long as you can.
over and out.

oh christ not this shit again


oh christ not this shit again[/quote]

Lol, i hear you.

Peregrine, what i love the most in gaming is a good story, to me games are more like an interactive movie, the story keeps me going. The supreme exemple to this is Panzer Dragoon Saga, i am not by any means a fan of RPG?s, as a matter a fact, to only RPG i ever finished outside Saga was Pok?mon Gold when i was a kid, however, i just kept coming for more Saga because i wanted to know what would happen next.

Ace Combat had good storys, no matter what anybody else says, and although the story in 6 was not as involving as the other it was still good, what pisses me off the most in Assault Horizon is that they went after a main stream Modern Warfare style USA vs Russia clich?.

But hey, its my opinion, if anyone here actually prefers the empty shell Ace Combat has become, go for it, me personally i won?t support main stream and bad games

IMO, we need choices. I respect that different people game in different ways, but I don’t want to be limited to watered down gaming. I’ve never really been hardcore, but I probably will be some day.

So yeah, choices = good.

I appreciate it when the devs talk to gamers too. I just read a long post from a Blizz WoW dev and it reassured me with regards to the direction they are taking.

But like I said, keep in mind that it’s all business. You’d be amazed by how much better gaming can become when people can’t get away with selling you garbage. Because they would if they could.

i think with yars revenge and child of eden we got some topnotch shooters this year, if not enough , there is still japan.

all the (free) underground games could fill a lifespan of freetime :wink:

same goes with rpgs, if there is not enough on the ps3, well,undust the ps2 . or psp. again years of life spend , garantued.

Its like watching lady gaga and muttering there is no black metal out there srsly its missing the point imho. a high budget years ago was like some millions of dollar, then shenmue touched the 66 million dollar mark , then hl2 with something like 150 and what is now low budget was a dreambudget just some 10 , 20 years ago. Plus we got the goddamn tools now, make some games we dont even need to know how to code assembly or how to design hardware for our games…

its a bummer if you dont like the review of 1up or really the game itself , or if its leaving its place which you prefer . still i like 1up for some of the interviews I found, stuff like yu suzuki.

you know the guy who prefers to create games with a minimum of fantasy involved, father of the modernism of boring worlds in games ? :wink: just be picky , but to toss the entire cup is like hating down the humanity and ignore the brilliant people along the lot. Rage is fun sometimes i know i know but it wont make the mountain move :wink:

must-destroy-humanity. beeeep.

yeah choices are good, you just need to know where to dig if emeralds dont lie around your floor…

“not buying” is a way but it might just as well tell them “oh it doesnt sell, lets make it a barbie version and add some popsongs. add some farming too”. the economic guys sometimes have weird fantasies what is good for their trademark…

anyway , people bought street fighter turbo like the shit, so why not. people buy crap and you wont stop them until you make it envouge .

maybe add some popsong ?

something like

“you buy shit, and you have to install it, then you have to go to work HEY white problems!”


oh christ not this shit again[/quote]

Sign … I didn’t mean it in an insulting way, just that reviews have been off the mark for years and are not a sign of a game true quality.
Case in point Code Veronica on XBLA/PSN . A top quality game (still) hammered in the latest reviews , even though imo its the best RE game in terms of characters and story.

I own the new game and the only real difference in this version is the fact that the game take place in real life setting and as helicopter missions. Otherwise is pretty much the same as AC 6 (even down the missions going on for far too long).

The problem is when your particular tastes become a rare gem when it has so much potential.

I’m happy with the current state of gaming anyway. Everyone can find what they are looking for IMO. I just know what mainstreaming games inevitably does to them. It’s impossible to get truth depth across to the ADD generation, myself included, BUT it can be done in an entertaining way sometimes that doesn’t detract from the message.

A lot people hate reading for example. Yes, they hate reading. I don’t consider that to be a healthy attitude no matter how much it sells. But then the option is still there.

As long as we aren’t forced to fit a popular mold, I’m happy. Even if real gamers are a minority, there are still a hell of a lot of us. Enough for businesses to be profitable.