Clothing/ Fashion of the Ancients?


So I’ve been doodling some fan art/concepts of what I think the ancients might have wore in terms of clothing. I like to think that Azel’s suit (i’m assuming it’s a suit or her body is made to look a bit like a suit) is a good indicator of their fashion sense. I did however wanted to make it look more biological in nature and also more flashy in that it has features which aren’t really necessary but look nice. I have a few more ideas on the ancients, more like my own personal headcanons.


Azel’s suit seems like a kind of armour. I guess the Ancients might have worn something similar all the time if it was lightweight. Anyway, nice designs.


The leftmost one looks very Panzeresque. Great stuff. :+1:


The one on the right wouldn’t look out of place when I try and picture what the Ancient female upper class would wear. Nice work! :slight_smile:

That’s definately a suit on Azel in PDS. In my head the drones were like servants to their human masters so it would make sense that they would wear suits that were strictly functional and unrelated to how everyone else dressed. Perhaps closer to how the scientists worked in places like Uru.