Chupa gets a Saturn!

I finally got a Saturn tonight! My freind’s brother had one, and he asked if I wanted it, since he was clearing out his stuff. Of course, I accepted. I also got a bundle of games. One of them so bad I want to piss on it. But now I am one step ahead on getting the entire PD series. Getting Zwei won’t be hard, but getting Saga at a reasonable price is gonna be a bitch.

You could always steal it :slight_smile:

At the end of the day your gonna have to save up or somthing, i got a semi-decent copy for ?65. It is a bitch aint it?

I’ve had a Saturn for ages and I truly love it. (I say A saturn and not MY saturn as I had to replace it when it died)
The biggest attraction to the console for me at the time was the Virtua Fighter series which is quite frankly “teh pwnage”. :anjou_embarassed:

I downloaded it off bittorrent and burnt it onto CDRs, and guess what: No-one lost money, including myself AND Sega. It’s win win!

Technically, the guy down at the retro store lost money. But no one cares about him.

But a few people probably failed to gain money as a result. Does that count as a loss?

That person is me.

One man’s loss ia nother man’s gain.
The CD-R manufacturers have gained money.


Technically, the guy down at the retro store lost money. But no one cares about him.[/quote]

Yeah, like any Retro stores exist anywhere near me, let alone having a copy!

But you’re stealing money from those harmless, deffensless and poor Ebayers that set reserves of ?100.

Those reserves wouldn’t work if nobody was willing to pay them.

Indeed I payed a very large amount to get my copy of saga. It was worth it too to be able to play it but I wish I could have got a copy back when it was out new and a lot cheaper.

Woah! They sell it at regular shops? Used? Reasonably priced? :anjou_wow:

Are you confused? :anjou_embarassed:

No, I didn’t think they sold games that old in stores. :anjou_embarassed: I guess I’ll look at my local game store.