Chronicles of Riddick Movie

Personaly I really liked this movie, it is drastically different than Pitch Black and not as deep or serious. However, for a sci-fi action movie I think it really delivers, it is planned as a trilogy so I hope this one does well so they continue because this movie leaves off with quite a twist that you really wanna see how it turns out. Overall I recommend it!

If anyone else has seen it, what did you think?

I think I’d rather play the game, which is actually supposed to be surprisingly good.

I can’t really find any information about what the movie is about, can you tell me the basic story?

Judie Dench (i don’t know why I just don’t like the lady) and Vin Diesel are reaons enough for me not to watch this movie.

Plus, it has that “lookie : we made an pseudo original paralel relaity world with fancy clothes and loads of action” look to it…

The game is very good, but I don’t mind Judi Dench or Diesel. I really think you should see Pitch Black before this movie though…

Just go to Yahoo to find the basic story.