Choosing Dreamcast controllers

The DC nostalgia hunt continues…

Someone here recently recommended a pad specially designed for 2D fighters on the DC, and after wrestling with my conscience I’ve decided I just don’t want to spend ?40 on a controller (still less do so twice).

So I’m hoping I can find some sort of compromise. Really I don’t need an eight-button pad… let’s face it, no-one ever uses mid-strength punches and kicks in Streetfighter :stuck_out_tongue:

The main thing I want is a more robust 2D thumbpad than the official controller’s (I remember on my first Dreamcast it got stuck after I’d just played a couple of games of SF3, and the current one’s already shuddering from a couple of short games of Shenmue).

That said, I’m still contemplating getting Virtual On 2 if I can figure out a way to run it, and someone else here (sorry, I’m awful with names) was telling me the DC controller just can’t handle all the controls. So maybe an extra two buttons would make it much more playable?

My options are pretty much what I can get off eBay (unless anyone can recommend any reasonably priced alternative that delivers to the UK), so I’m basically just after any recommendations of commonly available non-official DC 6 or 8 button pads. They don’t have to be glowing endorsements - just ‘the D-pad didn’t get stuck after a bit of use and the pad didn’t break’.

Also, does anyone know for sure whether VO2 can make use of the extra 2 buttons on a 6 button pad?

On a related note, I’m also trying to find somewhere I can buy a Nexus VMU or a VMU-PC memory cable so I can download any of the DC games’ online extras. No luck with eBay yet… anyone know of any other possibilities?



I can play VOOT with the normal controller just fine. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it works. There are attachments that allows you to use Saturn and PS controllers, so you might want to check those out.

Ok, but the main thing is the 2D fighters… any pads that would work ok with them that I could get for under ?15?