Character Confusion


I’m really confused about the dragons and all that. I would like to know who are the following and on which games they appeared.


(just the two)

Lundi is the dragoon in Panzer Dragoon Zwei and the first dragoon of the whole series (since Zwei is a prequel of the first game)

Lagi is the dragon our dragoon (whoever it is in each game) rides in all the games.

Dragoon = the rider, not the dragon.

Lundi is the dragon rider seen in Panzer Dragoon Zwei.JIs only appearence.

Lagi is his dragon that appears on that same game.

However people still discusse wheter or not the other dragons in the series have Lagi’s soul or not.

I personally think they have.

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Lundi is the dragon rider from Panzer Dragoon Zwei (the second game in the series, which shows the first part of the overall story). Lagi is the name that Lundi gave to the dragon, which originally grew up in his care.

That’s the ultra-brief answer, so if you’d like more detail just ask. Also, you might find the story summaries on D-Unit’s new website helpful, as they’re quite a good introduction to the characters and storylines of any Panzer games you might be unfamiliar with.

Out of curiosity, since when were the riders ever called dragoons? Was this something I missed somewhere in PDO? Since the real world dragoons were mounted cavalry I had assumed that the “dragoon” in the Panzer Dragoon title referred to the dragon/rider team rather than the rider.

Dragoon refers to the riders not the pair rider/horse in real life as well. I don’t see why it would be any different for the game. gives this explanation for the word (copy pasted):
A member of a European military unit trained and armed to fight mounted or on foot.

And no they are never called like that in the game, but again the pair dragon/rider is never called a dragoon either. Not directly. I just made the clarification because the way Daz wrote the post it seemed he had confused Lundi for being a dragon too. I assumed he thought that cos he saw him reffered to as a “dragoon” somewhere so I explained what the word means…


Sorry, I meant Matt, duh, too many new ppl -.-

Hm. My mistake then. When I learned that dragoons were calvary it did not occur to me that it only referred to the riders.

So the game title is therefore translated into “tank rider” (“panzer” being German for “tank”)?

Panzer being an obscure English word meaning “armoured and/or armed”, as far as I know; it obviously came from the same German word that the tank was named after (I doubt that it was English originally, and a “Panzer tank” is just a variety of tank).

So the title “Armoured and/or Armed and Mounted Rider” almost makes sense, which is always some sort of bonus :slight_smile:

EDIT: I edited this post so that it would make sense too.

I think tank rider (with the tank being the dragon) works a little better than armored rider. :wink: The none of the riders have been particularly armored, with the exception of one, and it didn’t do him any good. I know the game mechanics didn’t allow for it, but I’m kinda surprised the bolt through the chest that killed the Sky Rider didn’t happen a little more often. :slight_smile: It just wouldn’t have been as heroic.

Aren’t all the riders rather armored considering they have a mass-destructive dragon under 'em? :wink: