Chances of Valve making single player games now close to zero

Off topic, but I know there are Half-Life, Portal, and L4D fans here. The chances that any of these are going to reach a 3rd game just dropped dramatically. The last of Valve’s four head writers just departed the company.

I have been wishing for a finale to the Half-Life series for too long now. I have already stopped buying on Steam as it matters to me where my money goes. For a company like Valve to ignore it’s original fan base is unsettling to me. I know they are too busy hosting DOTA tourneys and selling digital hats, but I still held out hope they wouldn’t forget their roots and commitments. That is gone now. Definitely a sad day in my book and more reason for me to support companies like CDPROJEKT that still value providing a story driven experience even with the success of GOG as apart of their business.

I still remember playing the Orange Box 10 years ago. That’s…10…years…ago! I really enjoyed Half Life 2, it was a really fun game! And I was always wondering if they were going to make Half Life 2: Episode 3 LOL!

That’s sad to hear about the lead writers. I think a similar situation happened to BioWare, regarding the Mass Effect series. When you spread a dev team too thin, a series starts to lose its identity…sad, really.

Also Gabe Newell said that he looks back on the series with regret, so a sequel from him seems unlikely. I think you’re right @frelled, this is the final nail in the Half-Life 3 coffin. Sad news.