Capture in-game models using OGLE

Do any of the Saturn emulators run in OpenGl ?

Yabause uses OpenGL but it’s still pretty primitive, though under active development.

The default plugin for Satourne is OpenGL, too…but I’m not sure how nice the compatibility is in that right now.

Not sure if GiriGiri uses D3D or OGL.

It’s be awesome if SSF implements OGL support at some point to offload the VDP stuff to the video card. That’d be hella nice and might offer as much of a jump in performance as when he migrated to SSE2 support.

Hmm tht program offers interesting possibilities, I’d imagine you’d end up with an untextured model though so it’s not quite a full copy of whats in the game but it would still be a head start to making a copy.

That’s pretty darn cool. Gotta love 3D printing.

is it possible to mount saturn images in satourne? it runs the bios on my computer, but doesn’t read from my cd drive. I have windows XP

Not sure if it natively supports cd images or if you have to use Daemon Tools.

And cheer up, it could be worse. Just ask any Mac user how much they’re enjoying their emulator support :frowning: Even Genesis emulation on the Mac is in a sad state, not to mention always being a dozen or so revisions behind with MAME, lacking any playstation emulator comperable to ePSXe or SSSPSX, etc

So Lagi, have you tried it out? I couldn’t get Stourne running for some reason, I guess I have to re install if I find the time…

Nope haven’t checked it yet- I was hoping someone else would pioneer it and tell me if it worked …

I’ve dreamed for a chance like that ever since I found out how to convert the sound and video files on the Saga gamediscs… if I could only get Satourne to run =(

ok, I got satourne to run and glintercept seems to have captured “something”, I haven’t tried with a pd game yet, but… so excited

keep us updated!!!

I’m pretty sure he will. o.o

damn, i can’t get any PD to run on Satourne. :anjou_sad:
has anyone ever played PD on saturn at all yet?

ok forget it it’s not possible to run any pd game in satourne 1.1p yet =( girigiri runs entirely on directx right? so no chance there :anjou_sad:

ogle is version 0.3 and it can capture textures now. I wonder why Satourne has this screenshots of PDS on it’s webiste, is it possible to play PDS or not???

wow that would be incredible!

the Satuorne compatibility list says PD games will be playable with version 2.0. I used ogle to capture models from other applications and it really works =D can’t wait for satourne v2…

Does Cassini use OpenGL? That runs all the PD games.

EDIT: Just remembered it’s adapted from GiriGiri

the only other saturn emu that uses opengl is Saturnin, does anyone know if it is developed far enough to run games?

here is a nother one but it uses Direct X- so maybe Panzer can be ripped?