Can you see Sega being bigger than Square in RPGs?

I love Sega’s rpgs as i find them to be different to most of the standard rpgs you can get on other systems. Games like DARK WIZARD and BEYOND OASIS always caught my imagination as well as their classic series like WONDERBOY IN MONSTER WORLD,SHINING FORCE and PHANTASY STAR RPGs.

Now that Sega is a third party player i’m hoping that the rest of the world will catch on to how great Sega rpgs actually are. SquareEnix use to produce
good rpgs until sony came along but they don’t have a variety in their libary like Sega has or to some extent originality.

There is n’t one company that has your fantasy style rpg like LANDSTALKER sitting along side an urban/modern rpg like SHENMUE.

I feel that Sega will one day topple SE throne as the producer of great RPGs.

Define beeing bigger.Selling more?That’s easy.Of course I can see Sega selling more RPGs than Square.


No fucking way.

Casual gamers don’t want role playing games – they want soap operas or what are commonly referred to as interactive stories. Square-Enix delivers.

shadow and geoffrey have already said what i would have said so i’ll just volunteer a side note:

sega will never be better at being mainstream than the devs that have been doing it for years. so all sega is accomplishing is losing its original fanbase and picking up the scraps of what square leaves behind.

does sega even put out RPGs regularly? it seems like you have to go all or nothing to cut yourself a piece of the pie; else you’re never the best at anything and no one cares about you.

Casual gamers don’t play Final Fantasy tho.


Casual gamers don’t play Final Fantasy tho.[/quote]

I think you will find that they do… in the millions.

I honestly don’t know anyone who I would classify has casual gamer playing FF.Sure most FF gamers I know aren’t exactly hardcore gamers but they do play PS2 a lot.

Sega’s been going downhill since they left the console industry. The last great Sega RPG was Skies of Arcadia for Dreamcast. The most recent RPGs out of Sega are Virtua Quest and Shining Tears. Hahahaha. HAHAHAHAHA.

As it stands right now, if I had to pick between a mystery title from Square Enix and a mystery title from Sega, I’d sooner pick Square Enix. That’s how bad things have gotten with Sega lately.

Hmmm. Glad to see some people find it funny. Sega has for your well rounded third party (in which they make all sort of games and not one in a specific genre) three well estabilshed RPG franchises. Not even Capcom or Namco can claim to have that many that actually sell.

PHANTASY STAR,SHINING FORCE and SAKURA TAISEN are all big sellers for Sega in one way or another.

They also have more intresting ideas for RPGs than Square is having at the moment. No one here can tell me that they have played a shit Sega RPG in the last five years. Look at the effect that ETERNAL ARCADIA has had on the genre. How many games now is ripping off the idea of floating islands and flying ships? The potential for Sega to outdo Square is quite possible especially now that Sega has new capable management.#

This year were gonna get a multitude of RPGs from Sega. Half of which ain’t been revealed yet. Titles like THE MATRIX ONLINE and SHENMUE ONLINE look promising while the long awaited SAKURA TAISEN V and forthcoming remakes of DRAGON FORCE will be welcomed and the mystery of whether PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE will be a true offline RPG and another SHINING FORCE being a SRPG will be answered later in the year.

I think half of people into Sega are living in the past. It’s not the same company anymore. In fact Sega is dead as far as the old regime goes.
Until the new management start making stupid decsions like the old one did
than I’ll be up there bitching but they have yet to do anything wrong in my eyes yet. I think (hope) that people who are fans of Sega will be pleasently suprised and pleased on what Sega will announce and reveal at their press realeases and the trade shows this year as wellas the games coming out.

Goonboy, you’re right. I couldn’t tell you I’ve played a shit Sega RPG. But I’ve only played Shining Force 3, the Shenmue series and Panzer Dragoon Saga. None of the others interest me except Skies of Arcadia. This is where Sega fails. They can create a masterpiece, but it won’t have mainstream appeal worldwide. Square already have that mainstream appeal, and a trusted (Though God knows why…) brand in Final Fantasy.

Regarding the three Sega brands you mentioned; I fear that Shining Force is on it’s last legs, and Phantasy Star Universe will be do-or-die for the series. I’m probably being too pessimistic here but not crazily unrealistic. As far as Sakura Taisen goes, I don’t know anything about it (Which might say a lot, or might not). And Shenmue Online is going to bomb drastically, mark my words.

I think Sega make good RPG’s too. I think Sega make good EVERYTHING. It’s just marketing and restoring the good name of the brand, tis all.

Since when did number of series matter? In that case, Square Enix ANNIHILATES Sega. You’re not making a valid argument at all.

…sorry but, Drakengard 2 looks way more interesting than Shining Force Neo. Radiata Stories looks way more immersive and detailed than Shining Tears could ever hope to be.

The only thing Sega has on the table that even remotely interests me is Phantasy Star Universe.

I certainly can’t since I avoid buying shitty games, but I can name off a piece of shit that I have no intentions of ever buying. Virtua Quest. You effectively lose all credibility if you actually defend that game.

Potential doesn’t mean crap. Sega’s had the potential to be number one, numerous times. They still aren’t. Screw potential.

Yeah because, unannounced games are REALLY EXCITING. As for what has been announced… Shining Tears? Whatever. Shining Force Neo? I’ll pass. Phantasy Star Universe is pretty much it.

Not made by Sega.

Last I heard, it’s not going to get an English translation anyways, so it matters little.

Which will not get translated to English like the rest of the series.

Which hasn’t recieved a confirmation on an English translation. The new artwork sucks anyways, and I have a perfectly working copy of Dragon Force for my Saturn.

Or online. I’m hoping for the latter.

And if it’s not, it’ll be just another Shining game that I won’t buy. Good times!

Yeah, the old regime, the ones that brought us Panzer Dragoon Saga, Shining Force 3, Eternal Arcadia, Phantasy Star IV, and so on.

What’s the “new” regime brought us? Shining Tears. Virtua Quest. Shining Force Neo. Pfff.

My opinion is still open to change based on what comes out, but until then, all fingers point to unfavorable.

You haven’t play any of those games and still you bash them (I can’t be sure about VQ but I think it’s a safe bet) like they were trash.Wise.

Sure, it’s so easy that everyone is doing it!

To be fair, Virtua Quest was a huge waste of time and money (GameSpot gave it 5.7 out of 10 for crying out loud), and Shining Force Neo certainly won’t be given a warm welcome by fans of the series merely because it isn’t exactly what any of us were expecting.

I wonder if the team overseeing the development of Shining Force Neo even realise that by jumping on the Action/RPG bandwagon they’ve only succeeded in betraying Sega fans everywhere.

sega hates us :anjou_sad:


Sure, it’s so easy that everyone is doing it!


I’m not saying everyone can do it.But Sega is already becoming more mainstream with the new Shining games.Plus they have money to support them.You’ll see : they will sell.

Also I think you are underestimating the number of people in the videogame industry who do things that first please themselves (and only then the audience).You can say that maybe the big sellers (Square, EA…) just have bad taste and in truth ARE making things they regard as quality titles.

And Geoff : I’m positive they realize what they are doing.You can say they will lose many fans; I say they will earn new ones.

so we need to start an anti-sega smear campaign like the jealous older siblings we are! when the babies reject sega, it’ll come crawling back…

“Bad taste”? That’s subjective. There’s obviously millions of people out there who love Square games… who’s to say that the creators just don’t simply share the same tastes as their audience?

And you really, truly think that the new Shining games are more mainstream? Honestly?

Okay, here’s a challenge for you: Aside from VF and Sonic, name any Sega game that you truly feel is as good as the Sega games of old, or that you think sold well.