Can the PDSaga demo disc be played in replacement of first disc?

Emergency! I set up my Sega Saturn in anticipation to finally play Panzer Dragoon Saga over the holidays. Then realised my first disc is missing so I have ordered the demo disc on EBay. Guys does this mean I can use the demo as a replacement of the missing first disc then continue on to play the second disc & beyond? Appreciate your help!

Yes, you can continue your save from the end of the Disc 1 demo disc. It’s identical to the disc that you get with the full game.

Thanks for your reply hey, that helps a lot. I’ve had the game for years but always face hinders like defective batteries, so I finally just got a memory cart to play it. Thanks again

Glad to help. I hope you like the game! In case you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of a fan. :anjou_happy:

My internal batteries keep dying too so I just use a memory card as well. I envy you getting to play it for the first time. It will definitely be a fresh new experience!