Can someone please write some character bio's

I need some info on Craymen, Peat, and Gash. Can someone please write a few detailed character bio’s on these characters. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!!

I don’t think they really have detiled biographies.
Edge was a mercenary. Craymen was a high ranking dude in the Empire’s Army. Gash is missing a hand and half of his face.

The Japanese manual might tell you their blood types or something, but I don’t think it would tell the story of their pre-PDS lives.

You can find bios there Dopefish ya know?

Actually the ones Legaia asked for are exactly the ones lacking…

I know that’s not a coicidence tho.

I’ve written about Craymen, his goals and motivations in the Towers section. Scroll down to the part of the section devoted to Panzer Dragoon Saga.

Craymen was a misguided hero and a morally ambiguous fool all rolled into one neat package.

You can also learn more about Craymen in the World Section. He played a huge role in the events leading up to The Great Fall.

Now if only someone like Craymen would actually side with the Empire rather than against it.

Yeah, it’s possible to gather a fair few facts about those characters’ backgrounds by looking through the text in PDO and PDS (things like Craymen coming from common rather than noble parentage and the rank he held within the Academy are interesting additions from that Great Fall summary, for example).

I guess I could put together some character summaries for the site during the holidays, if they’d be of help to fans. We may not know that much about the backgrounds of supporting characters like Gash and Paet, but there’s enough info on them to make a writeup worthwhile. I assume that legaiaflame was after summaries along the lines of those found in the Characters section of D-Unit’s site.

Arc’engal actually wrote an excellent summary of Gash for The Temple of Sestren, but I can’t find a link to it. If it’s still hidden on his site somewhere I’ll nag him to post a link.

Summaries of other major characters besides the dragon riders would be certainly be worthwhile. I’ve always wanted to make a character profiles section, but I’ve never really had the dedication to sit down and write about each of the characters. If we started off with just a few, it would be easier just to add one or two at a time later on. I think it would be worth going ahead with.

Well…the reason you couldn’t find it is I neglected to change the html of the database page. Whoops.

Hoorah for dead websites. ^^

You should ressurect The Temple of Sestren Arcie. It would be a shame to see a promising site go to waste.

I second that.Plus your encyclopedia was a very good idea.

Here’s the list as it stands:

Finish 1500pt Chaos Army for Warhammer
Finish Worms FAQ
Finish Scourge of the Terrorblossom
Start Temple of Sestren

[quote=“Arcie”]Here’s the list as it stands:

Start Temple of Sestren
Finish 1500pt Chaos Army for Warhammer
Finish Worms FAQ
Finish Scourge of the Terrorblossom

So it’s next on your list? Good! :slight_smile:

Your summary of Gash was great. I’m now convinced that Gash was perhaps a hunter at one point in his life.