Can I get PD-SaGa DL'd off the INTERNET?

Man, I searched everything… including torrents… but i recently found codes of PD1 on this site. And ive been looking for codes for years so hopefully u guys know somethin else I dont :slight_smile:

Anyways, for a trade ill let u guys in on a little secret. on PD Orta’s title screen if u press a random bunch of buttons (any except start and A) Orta’s head fades away and LAgi’s eye pops up. It works.

But anyways, tell me if its possible to get PDS online? Cuz ill never play it on saturn lol

Guess eBay never came to mind…

wonders why I’m even dignifying this with a response

That’s not a TIE Fighter.

A good general rule for posting on the Internet: if a site isn’t obviously dedicated to the distribution of copyrighted games / music / films whatever, the person or persons who run it probably don’t want you posting about that sort of thing in its forums. This is because the distribution of such things is generally illegal, and the life of a website owner is usually easier if their site doesn’t encourage illegal behaviour.

The no-warez clause is covered in the forum’s FAQ too…

I was going to lock this, but that just seems too dramatic somehow (the other mods may think differently). I’d hope that no one here would give this a “proper” response anyway…

I’m sure a certain someone will be willing to.

Actually he is right, I just tried it. If you just let the title screen sit there without pressing buttons, Orta’s head fades and it plays the intro movie. If you keep pressing X, Y, B, L, R, White, Black, randomly, Orta’s face fades into Lagi’s eye, and after that Lagi’s eye fades to nothing.

I’ll give the proper response, Lance! ISOHUNT!

And for the record, since this is not a direct link to a download, the FAQ and Rules are irrellevent.

Everyone should experience this game, regardless if it’s on legal or illegal media.

See? :smiley:

Welcome to the forums.

Basically what Lance said on the subject reflects the stance that The Will of the Ancients takes on requesting copyrighted game ISOs here. It does feel like a rather grey area in some respects (when considering the age and availability of game), so don’t feel that you’ve done something bad and are going to be booted from the forums. :slight_smile:

You could argue that topics linking to video game MP3s or, hell, even the official compiled texts (such as Panzer Dragoon Orta’s encyclopedia) hosted on this site are breaking copyright, and you would probably have a valid argument. However, from my observations of other sites, game companies tend not to mind, or don’t try to prevent the duplication of this sort of content. They appear to be primarily concerned about the duplication of their software.

We have to draw the line somewhere, if only to give the moderators a consistent set of guidelines to moderate by, so I’m going to have to ask you to continue your search elsewhere or do so privately if you’re after a torrent of this legendary game. Thanks.

One last thing - thanks for the tip about PDO’s title screen, I hadn’t heard of that one before. I’ll be trying this out next time that I set my Xbox up. :anjou_happy:

Well at least I finally saw the ending of PD1 thanks to this site. And Ebaying PDS? Wow, who would wanna give that up? And if they did i’m pretty sure I don’t have the money they would be asking for. Anywho, I see you guys are ISO-phobic just like the groups on Myspace are, because admin will delete anyone’s group.

Phobias are irrational and I would hope you can see there’s nothing irrational about what we’re asking. The site has a responsibility to not encourage technically illegal behaviour: it’s hosted by a commercial webhost, and like the vast majority they require that this site not encourage that sort of thing. If they think the site has violated this agreement, they have the ability and the right to pull the plug. No one wants awkward things like that to happen.

Now on a purely personal level I would love to be able to distribute copies of PDS. I believe it’s some sort of an injustice that important old games go out of circulation rather than being kept “in print” in some legal way, like important novels are (or films or music).

But websites have to play by the rules, and the rules are usually not their own.

Although my previous post and this one might sound quite sarcastic, I do mean this as honest advice. If you go around asking for people to link you to copies of copyrighted works, you will get a bad response in most places, because it’s commonly known to be taboo. If you’re determined to find this sort of thing, you’re going to have to look on your own.

The game can be sold for over US$200, which is quite steep unfortunately. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to give up their copy of the game for some quick cash.

One thing you could do is buy the game and play through it, then resell the game on eBay a few months later and hopefully get as much as you paid for it back (or even make a profit).

But yeah… it certainly is expensive, especially since Sega isn’t getting any money from the copies sold on eBay. If Sega printed some more copies of PDS and sold them at the price of a 360 game they’d quite likely turn a nice little profit.

the best experience you would get is by playing the original imo… just make the step and buy it, and re-sell it after if you have to.

i’m definantly not “isophobic” but this is my personal recommendation