Camelot are developing a next generation RPG … 19242.html

I wonder if it’ll be a strategy RPG?

Golden Sun 3 no doubt.

I wonder when those guys will come crawling back to Sega? >:)

I wish it’s the next Golden Sun! That’ll be the single reason i’d get a Nintendo Revolution if thats the system it will come out for.

I doubt it would be Golden Sun 3, given that the previous installments were both on GBA. If Camelot was considering a third GS game it would probably be on DS or PSP, and not one of the next-gen consoles.

A DS Golden Sun would be awesesome. Just because the first two installements were on the GBA doesn’t necessarily mean the RPG will stay on hand helds. Fire Emblem is getting a console version for GC, maybe Nintendo wanted Camelot to create a launch title RPG for the Revolution, which could very well be a Golden Sun game. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. :anjou_happy:

A console incarnation of Golden Sun has been rumored for quite a while now.

Nintendo’s consoles haven’t exactly been brimming with RPGs lately, and it has always been Camelot’s intention to make their Golden Sun series more successful than the Shining series, so who knows what the future holds?

Well they would have to aim for that wouldn’t they? The SHINING FORCE SERIES as a whole was a benchmark in videogaming RPG history,Camelot wouldn’t want to be always remembered as being a one trick pony.

I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but I’d doubt it since the fanbase might not necessarily carry over. Some people only play consoles and not handhelds. Some people play handhelds, but not so much console. Jumping from one to the other could result in losing a portion of the audience and not gaining enough in return, and that’s not considering that Golden Sun might lose some of its charm during the transition.

Regarding the Fire Emblem series though, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t that series start on the NES? It’s much more common for a console game to get a spinoff on portable than for a portable to transition to console. Conker’s Pocket Tales on GBC to Conker’s Bad Fur Day on N64 is the only portable to console transition I can think of, and that game changed a lot during the transition.

Oops, :anjou_embarassed: you are right Rune Lai, Fire Emblem did start off on NES. The only reason I bring it up is becuase the only game that the Western world has seen was a GBA version, (correct me if i’m wrong), and then they decided to develop a Gamecube title.

Developing a Golden Sun game for a “big console” wouldn’t necesarily mean that handheld Golden Sun games would stop being produced so no fan base would be lost. Wanting to bring a Golden Sun game to the “big consoles” is wanting to present their obviously great gaming formula to another part of the market. Maybe they also wanted to create something that wasn’t limited by the system it runs on so much. I don’t see any real reason as to not give it a shot, since they know their style of game “sells”. You could argue that it only sells on handhelds but then again, it’s all about the gameplay and that’s something which translates very well in almost any kind of system. They’d possibly need something more complex for a “big console” RPG but I’m sure they are aware of all the changes they may have to do if they are thinking of doing this.

I don’t think that a GC Fire Emblem is coming about because there was a GBA version (I’m not familiar with whether or not the storylines are related). Since the series originated on console, I think it’s more likely a continuation of what started on console. It’s like saying since Sega released Shining Soul on the GBA they decided to develop Shining Tears on PS2. Shining Soul might have influenced the decision to go console with the next Shining title, but there wouldn’t be a Shining game on PS2 at all if the original Shining series had not existed on Mega Drive/Genesis.

Given that Golden Sun hasn’t had that kind of console history, I just think a jump would be less likely, especially if it’s Golden Sun 3 in the sense that it’s continuing the same storyline from the previous two games. Golden Sun: Some Random Subtitle might be a bit more likely than a direct sequel.

Put it this way: the Shining series has been pretty successful on consoles if I?m not mistaken, and Golden Sun is basically Camelot’s continuation of the Shining series. In fact, before Golden Sun was released it was rumoured to be called “Shining Sun”. Perhaps this new game is Camelot’s attempt at bringing their games back to the console market in the form of Golden Sun, as opposed to a new Shining game which they obviously can?t develop due to copyright reasons.

It would be great if this new game was a “Golden Force” game, but somehow I think I’m being too optimistic.