Call for computer game (or other screen culture) writings

Hi all… I need the kindness of strangers:

I have a group assignment to put together a digital magazine about screen culture (basically articles on games, films, and film music - which I’m hoping we won’t have to pretend is commercially viable). The more content we can get from other people for it, the less we’ll have to write ourselves.

This is all above board, btw (you can see the course outline at … 06516.html); the assessed component is the structure of the site itself, but for some reason we’re having to get explicit permission even though Aussie law permits use of copyrighted material for student purposes. If we can’t find material and get the owner’s permission to use it, writing it becomes an extra, unmarked assignment. And we’re already behind at the moment :anjou_sad:

If any of you’ve already written anything that might conceivably be relevant (or if you know anyone else who has and would be willing to let us use it at short notice - ie. within the next 2-3 days maximum), could you send it through to (thought it would be prudent to create a specific email for posting on a web forum) and at some future stage when I have lotsa money I will buy you a lifetime’s supply of chocolates or the class A drug of your choice. Maybe.

It can be just about anything - doesn’t have to be great, we can always cherrypick bits from it - and it’s for a magazine, so it doesn’t have to be an
essay. Even old posts/blogentries might be useable.

Thanks in advance for anything…

A very overworked Jinx

Your first link came up with a 404, but it gave me an alternative link to this page: … 06516.html

If that’s the thing you’re doing, I’d advise you to re-read the question.

If it’s not, then I’d be glad to help as long as the assignment isn’t due in on Monday or something. 500-1000 words article or something. Don’t have anything right now, but video games into culture is something I’m pretty good at, particular the Violence debate and references culture (e.g. People who don’t play games still know about Mario, Sonic, The Sims,etc).

That’s the subject. Not sure what you mean by ‘re-read the question’. The site only alludes indirectly to the assignment: ‘Students will jointly produce a site from the planning stage through commissioning and editing texts, to briefing designers and developing a coherent site.’

‘Commission’ is not (theoretically) ‘write’ - it’s just turning out that way. As for when it’s due - not for a few weeks yet, but we really need the main textual pieces done within the next 3 or 4 days, so I was only asking for stuff people have already written (it doesn’t really need contemporary relevance). I didn’t expect anyone to want to actually write anything :stuck_out_tongue:

If you feel like writing a (or some) short review(s), though, that’s not quite so urgent - but they’d need to be done within the next 10 days or so.

If you’re really interested in writing something like you mentioned, you could always do it as a thread for this site or something, and just give me permission to use for the mag - it doesn’t have to be exclusive. I can’t imagine it’d hurt us to have an extra feature to play with, and your subjects sound interesting. But even then, we’d probably need to have it in the same timeframe as the reviews (eg. within 10 days or less) to have time to work it in.