Burnout Legends PSP

Makes me happy to be alive.

Except for that one crash challenge where I can’t score a gold medal. That level makes me want to end it all.

Otherwise, it may be my favorite PSP title ever.

It is a bit easier than the console versions, but, perhaps that was a calculated decision on the part of Criterion, so one would have less of a desire to THROW ones PSP after 20 tries of unsuccessfully winning a crash challenge or pursuit mode, as they did to throw their PS2 or X-Box controller.

So much more to unlock.

Back to work.

I still haven’t completed unlocking everything in WipEout Pure >_<

The crash challenges in Takedown never managed to give me the ol’ Gamer’s Rage, even when I had to retry them more than 10 times. No, it was some of the more insane burning laps that came awfully close to that.

Burnout PSP looks really good, I really want to pick it up, and probably will if I ever get the money to do so. In Wipeou Pure, once you unlock the special team racers the game become easier, especially the team you get from the Zone mode.