Budget Sega Saturn buyage

Sooo, bought myself a Model 2 Saturn a coupla days ago for some possible modding in the near future. ?24 in Gamestation with some weird Darklight Conflict game and The Need for Speed, just to get the sales assistant to shut up asking me if I wanted any games! :anjou_embarassed:

Thankfully, I already have what I consider some of the best Saturn games (namely NiGHTS and the Panzer Dragoon series), as their “selection” of “quality” games was questionable, to say the least. I think they had to go and look for them in the corner of the attic or something… :anjou_disappointment:

Anyway, I’m still looking (read: sitting around doing nothing) for a job, so my finances are a tad limited. tabithaboof suggested that I begin a topic on feeding a Sega Saturn addiction on a limited budget.

So here it is! :anjou_happy: Basically, aside from snapping up every cheap Saturn-related item we see on eBay, how can us financially-challenged Saturn fans support this brilliant machine?

Any input and general banter is appreciated. Thanks!

(I’m on a bit of a posting jamboree today, if you hadn’t already noticed…)

Right, this could be a long list, so brace yourself.

First I would recomend getting a 4 in 1 cart to enable yourself to play Japanese imports as alot of these will be cheaper/easier to find on import. But anyway

1 - Baku baku animal (crazy puzzle game)
2 - Magical Drop 1, 2 or 3 (best puzzle game ever?)
3 - Gran chaser (graphically poor racer with great gameplay)
4 - Pandemonium/magical hoppers (wierd cool platformer)
5 - Astal (beautiful platformer)
6 - enemy zero, (resident evil in space with an invisible bad guy)
7 - Street fighter alpha/zero 1 or 2 (need no intro)
8 - Sega rally
9 - Galactic attack/Layersection (top notch vert shooter)
10 - Darius Gaiden (top notch side shooter)
11 - Shanghai - The great wall (possibly triple threat in the west?, REALLY good version of shangai)
12 - Fighter Megamix (VF + Fighting vipers + loads of wierdos in a neat fighting game, with some slowdown)
13 - Last Bronx (underated fighter)
14 - Virtual on (good luck finding sticks though)
15 - Sonic Jam (4 sonic games on 1 disk)
16 - House of the dead (cool light gun game)

I am sure I can think of a bunch more given time. Most of those should be available in the UK not sure about price though, I wouldbe very surprised if you cant get alot of them for under a tenner.

Generally, if you see me on any other forum my signature will be supporting Saturn somehow.
I aslo go on many wild and crazy parades shouting out about how Saturn rocks.

Yeah, ok many is a bit of an overstatment, but I have done it at least once in:
My school
A shopping centre
At random people’s houses

I also have many an argument about it vs other consoles and thanks to my persistance usually win.
Other than that, I made a T-shirt about the Saturn and it’s games and persuaded 4 or 5 people to buy a Saturn.

The Saturn version of Quake just owns. I wish I hadn’t “lent it” to someone for their drama class (Gehn knows how that feels…). Duke Nukem is apparently good but it’s graphics have suffered more than Quake’s over time.

You know, I had a Saturn as a living console for 3 years and NEVER saw a copy of Baku Baku ANYWHERE. I LOVED the demo on SF1, I longed to own the full game…

Vampire Savior, if it hasn’t already been mentioned, is a good game also. I wouldn’t pay more than ?30 for it now, though.

If you want to obtain cheap Saturn games with convenience, I can give my wholehearted and genuinely warm endorsement of that very Gamestation. As well as their titles for all platforms being generally much cheaper than the shameless GAME, each shop’s Retro shelf has been an absolute machine-pressed manna from cybernetic heaven for a miserly gamer such as myself. Admittedly you’ll be hard-pressed to find the scarce gems like Gunstar Heroes, Rez or Shining Force II, and the only Japanese import I’ve seen is one of Dick Tracy (!), but there’s an amazing well to be tapped if you just keep checking.

I really think you guys should look into getting some method of playing import games on your Saturns. Basically all the games I mentioned are available over here for pocket change. Something like Baku Baku animal would probably cost a couple of quid or so. Things like Guardian hereos maybe 10 or 15 quid. Much less than the 100 bucks odd you will pay on ebay.

Isnt there anywhere that does reasonableish imports of sort of lesser famous titles? I mean provided you want the games for playing the games sake rather than mint game collecters sake theres several places near me which have boxes of Saturn stuff for like 2 or 300 yen.

Hey people, thanks for the replies. :anjou_happy:

[quote=“Berserker”]Generally, if you see me on any other forum my signature will be supporting Saturn somehow.
I aslo go on many wild and crazy parades shouting out about how Saturn rocks.

Yeah, ok many is a bit of an overstatment, but I have done it at least once in:
My school
A shopping centre
At random people’s houses[/quote]

Hahaha!! That’s gotta be one of the funniest things I’ve heard recently. Even more so because it’s true! :anjou_happy:

Really? Thanks very much for the recommendation, but they really didn’t have much when I was there…

tabithaboof, you’re right: import games seem one of the only ways forward for my precious Saturn(s). Hopefully I can whip up a country switch and a 50/60Hz one, too. And of course, I’ll be buying one of those modchips which are now recirculating! :anjou_happy:

Did any of you also know that there is a way to use the modchips on a Model 1 Saturn? It is really confusing but apparently it’s just possible and no more.

I’m only mentioning modchips because I had a look at my copy of NiGHTS last night and I was astounded that my Saturn can still actually play it! :anjou_embarassed: It’s not surprising that the music for Gillwing hardly ever actually loads, though…

Anyhow, thanks again. I’d appreciate any other helpful ideas anyone has. :anjou_happy:

To be honest I wouldnt worry about getting a modded saturn. If you want a saturn for imports I would just get a Japanese one. They are totally dirt cheap over here. Probably about 15 quid is you arent to fussy about boxes and stuff. If you get totally stuck, and you dont mind paying the shipping let me know and I see if I can find one for you.

I would personally advice against modding/switching your Saturn. I had mine done and it was a little unstable.

Thanks. :anjou_happy: I was thinking of getting an American/Japanese Saturn but then I thought I’d have to get a TV from the same country in order to play it…

How so? If I could mod my Saturn to PAL-60, it would actually be better than an NTSC Saturn. Although, if you’ve had trouble, that’ll probably put me off. :anjou_sad:

One of my main “dreams” at the moment (yes, I’m very sad!!) is to completely mod my Saturn, but I really need to know what I’m doing first. On that note, does anyone have any information about modding the Saturn? Maybe I should take a jaunt over to SegaXtreme…

I’ll see what useful advice develops here and figure out what I’ll going to do. Thanks again!

Well the best place for UK centric importers I have found is


This is a link to their tech section and it has a fairly huge amount of info. ANything you cant find on the site you should be able to find on the forums.

My Saturn might have been badly modded or something I dont really rememer but basically it would sometimes have music out of some, panzer II if I recal was one example. Some ram cart games gave me grief, eventually the unit itself kind of gave up on me. That just my experience though ask the NTSC uk people.

I found my Burning Rangers copy there. Also have seen so far stuff like Sonic R, Sonic Jam and various other titles which I do happen to own but are a rare see.

Baku Baku? Ha thats a great game. When Blockbusters used to devote a self to Saturn games (yes there was such a time…) I used to go there all the time. Then they put everything on sale and my dad managed to pick up a copy of Baku Baku for me :anjou_happy:

Give Darklight Conflict a chance. It got good reviews at the time, and I wanted to play it for a long time afterwards (I suspect Freespace II would put it to shame, though).

Other games well worth looking into:

Virtua Fighter II
Virtua Cop II
Streetfighter Collection
Radiant Silvergun (how has no-one mentioned these? Did I miss something?)
Magic Carpet (probably better on other platforms, though)

I had a game called (iirc) Starfighter 3000 which I liked a lot, too.

I found Independence Day’s multiplayer really fun. But I’m probably the only one.