(Broken) Links to Panzer Dragoon Legacy


As you may have noticed, we’ve changed the site’s name and domain name to Panzer Dragoon Legacy and panzerdragoonlegacy.com respectively. I’m compiling a list of links that need updating across the web. If you see any that I’ve missed, please post them in this topic and I’ll contact the site owner.


Thanks, the Segalization links should have been taken care of!


I updated the Links page over at Oasis. I don’t think there are any others but if I find any pertaining to the old url I’ll be sure to update them.

Congratulations on the new site name! The name is more direct and easily recognizable by fans or newcomers searching for sites or info related to the PD series. The forum feels like the old days as well; very nice!


Also, there are at least three links to the site/forum/Twitter on panzerdragoonrevival.com