Brigadewing is not unlocking in PD2. Any thoughts?

Hello guys. I’m currently playing Panzer Dragoon 2 for the first time, and wow, the game is much better than the first game.

Anyways, I’ve been playing for a few days and now and I’ve managed to evolve the dragon to every type (including the BlueDragon/One Wing/Type 01 by getting all 24 evolve points). However, there’s one evolution that never triggers despite every FAQ and cheat section mentioning it: The Brigadewing.
I’ve watched youtube videos that successfully finish the game getting every evolution point and it always jumps from the Skydart to the BlueDragon. According to the FAQ there’s supposed to be the Brigadewing evolution (by getting 18 points) in the middle of those types, but it never triggers for me.

Does anyone know why that’s happening? Have you evolved the dragon to the Brigadewing yourself? I’m playing the USA version, just in case.

Brigadewing is actually the default final evolution when you have not gotten enough points to evolve into the Skydart. It’s kind of the “easy mode” form because it has the most health for use in the final boss. When you get good at the game you pretty much never get it because it becomes rather easy to always get enough points to at least get the Skydart.

Ahh, excellent. Thanks for the info, just tried it and that worked!