Brazil/Korean versions of PD games

Well, as I’m sure we all know, Samsung published the Saturn and it’s games in Korea, whilst TecToy did the same in Brazil.

Only Panzer Dragoon and Ziew made it to Brazil, whilst only the first game made it to Korea.

Brazillian PD Ziew: … ei-BRA.jpg

Korean PD 1: … on-KOR.jpg

Sadly… that is the only pic I can find for the Korean version, I can’t find any pics for Brazilian PD1.

Anybody here have these and can take better pics?

Also on a slightly related note, TecToy kept manufacturing Saturns into the year 2000 in Brazil!

Hmm. Those links directed me to until I copied and pasted them in to my address bar. Weird.

I didn’t realise that the Saturn made it into such obscure markets. I thought it was the last generation of consoles that really started being pushed into the corners of the world. All the same, TecToy are officially my heroes for manufacturing the Saturn for so long.

On the Zwei image it says “the real arcade experience” on that manual. I find this ironic for two reasons: 1, Zwei was never an arcade game, and 2, home consoles have no overtaken arcades as being the number one platform for video games. We get the proper games nowadays, games ported across from arcade hardware.

That is not the manual, that is just a booklet showing screenshots from other Saturn games that were Arcade conversions ^_^’’

Although a lot of Arcade games portes accross now still lack a few details, as is the case when Arcade machines are forever being upgraded and console hardware only upgrades every 5 years or so.