I may be a bit late to the party, but i “discovered” Borderlands a week ago. I was busy playing Dragon Age around the time it came out so i totally missed out on it.
I am generally not a big fan of first-person shooters and the concept of the diabloesque shooter brought back nightmarish memories of Hellgate: London.
But the style and flavour of the setting as well as the positive reviews convinced me to give it a shot

The game takes a while to grow on you, but it is addictive as hell once you get into it.
Pandora (the game-world) has quite a few parallels to the world of Panzer Dragoon, so i expected to find a thread about it on this forum, but to my great surprise i found no post-release mentions of it.
Okay, the whole scenario may be more Mad Max than PD, but I really like it so far and it reminds me of PD, even though the parallels may only be superficial.

So…did anyone try it out? Or is anyone still playing it by any chance?

I did play it for a while and own all three DLCs released for the PC. Yes, the world has some parallels to Panzer Dragoon, but it’s probably just coincidental.

Then I discovered the Panzer Dragoon series. I hardly played anything else since then.

[quote=“StrikerX3”] …]Yes, the world has some parallels to Panzer Dragoon, but it’s probably just coincidental. …]

It wasn’t my intention to try to imply that the similarities were more than mere coincidence. I just thought that this kind of setting might appeal to people who liked PD, just like Fallout seems to. And it’s a fun game that I just didn’t hear much about at all :wink:

Of course. I was just pointing out. :wink:

Oh yes, indeed. I played nothing else while leveling up my Hunter. I’ll probably pick it up again to play the latest DLC which increases the level cap to 61 and adds a lot of stuff.

Borderlands is a perfectly good way to waste time :slight_smile: It’s mostly harmless in that the story is barely there and there isn’t much more to the game than farming for loot, but it does so fairly well. I just wish the interface were designed better.

One bug that you need to watch out for, though, is when playing multiplayer. If the host leaves, everyone gets booted. And you lose all the loot that you picked up since your last checkpoint/save. Just a warning…

(I actually got to level 44 or so with my Soldier, but then my X360 was stolen along with my copy of the game. Can’t be bothered to try and get back to that point now…)

If you lose your connection, you lose progress too. At least you have the chance to save and quit the game before going back to the last checkpoint.

Yeah. But at least with a lost connection, I can understand that being a sort of “oops” moment.

But the host quitting out is a player decision. The game should be able to handle that gracefully… Still, knowing that that bug is there makes it possible to avoid issues at least.

I agree with you. They had enough time to fix that, by the way.