Bomb Blasts in London

A series of blasts on the london underground and several buses has been reported in London. I’m in the middle of it as i work in the central london area. I hope to god there isn’t any fatal casualties.

Lets hope Geoffrey is okay, as he lives in London as well.

Most of the explostions have happened in the central london area. I dunno if Geoff works there or not but I’m in Barbican so i’m in the centre of the incidents. I pray no one got i know killed but it looks like there has been serious casualties.

I just woke up 5 minutes ago only to see it on TV.They mentioned a cell from Al Qaeda might be responsible.

It looks like that’s the case. Apparently a suicide bomber was responsible for the bus explosion.

As of yet, no-one’s actually claimed the attacks. I think it may end up being an anti-capitalist group, not necessarily Al-Qaeda.

Get Real!, Its Al-Q alright, The fu8king tosssers. And thats all I say before I get banned

Nice to see you’re ok Goonbdy, I hope Duke is as well

Thanks TA I hope to god Geroff ok. I know half my freinds are ok but several others are still unaccounted for. I’m not a big supporter of the current regime in america but i hope to glory that they wipe their muslim ass off the face of the planet. Fucking SAVAGES!

Reported 40 fatalities and near 1000 injured.

Don’t worry; I’m ok.

I’m not sure if the casualty figure is going to rise or not as police and rescue workers wade through the aftermath.

This has nothing to do with religion.

Don’t givde me that bunk. All these terrorists are naming themselves after holy names from their religion and other practies from it. They are essentially emersed in it and have stated that they’re are fighting some sort of holy war. So religion has got everything to do with it.

Since when did the Islam say attacking innocents is a good think?

It’s not because I’m a criminal and because I have a twisted mind and because I say it has to do with religion that it actually does.

Al-Qaeda aren’t and shouldn’t be the ex-libris of the Islam.They do what they please.The fact that this war wasn’t a reality in the past is proof muslim people in general don’t have a reason for it in their culture.

This is war waged by a group of people who twist the minds of ignorant people just like so many times in the past.

The Islam has nothing to do with it.

Those that say they are attacking for their beliefs are idiotic extremists, and the real musilm community are totally against it.

Anyways i took a bike ride to Stratford today (went there yesterday too celebrations weren’t that good =\ )

I think there are not fatalities. On a lighter not it will be great living 20 mins away from the olympic stadium =)

I don’t give a shit what it says. All these people do is fuck up and bring misery whereever they go. The sooner people get rid of them the better. End of this debate.

harsh, untrue, and totally out of line.

These people?Who?

I hope everyone is okay…

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]Don’t worry; I’m ok.

I’m not sure if the casualty figure is going to rise or not as police and rescue workers wade through the aftermath.[/quote]

That’s good to hear

Agreed. As long as you’re referring to terrorists, not Muslims.