Blue Dragon

Are you all sleeping? Kusonoki-san is working on a launch title RPG for XBOX360 called “Blue Dragon”. I’m not too excited though, I doubt it will be any panzerish at all.

It’s looking very nice at the Mo, But I doubt it will be ready for launch. Still nice to see ARTOON onboard the 360

I don’t find it too exciting at the moment, just another RPG for me at the moment. It’s good that the Xbox 360 may have more Japanese RPG’s coming to it, but I’ll have to see more of this to make further judgements.

:anjou_wow: I don’t know what you actually meant by that, but yeah I’m aware of such a game.

Akira Toriyama is in charge of the character design.I liked Chrono Trigger.Maybe I’ll like this one.But then agehn Kusonoki does have blood on hi hands…

No, but Sega’s “Good Ideas” department are.

Actually, from the admittedly little I’ve heard of Blue Dragon it sounds kinda “meh” to me.