Blue Dragon Stuff

I wasn’t really interested in this myself but since there are many X-box lovers here… Yeah, Blue Dragon, that game by that ex-Squaresoft guy that created Final Fantasy… … 33163.html

A part of me is saying “you are beeing a hypocrite if you ever thing this game will be something cool and not just another pop show” but in the end I never said I dind’t love Chrono Trigger.

I’m waiting to see more.I’m a bit more enthusiastic about what might come out out of the other RPG from Mistwalker.

pets Al3x just in case

Chrono Trigger is an amazingly awsome game! I got a ROM of it last weekend, started playing and just couldn’t stop :anjou_love:. As a result, I’ve started really looking forward to Blue Dragon. If Chrono Trigger is anything to go by, it could end up being one of the highlights of the next gen.

Ever since this game has been announced I have been eagerly following.

After the dissapointing display of Japanese RPG’s on the original Xbox i am psyched that Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey are coming.

Reading the Gamespot preview I can’t wait to actually see how the shadow dynamic will work and function in battle.

Well I’m just “hoping” (tbh it doesn’t make much of a difference to me atm) that it is something new rather than a copycat of the Final Fantasy game flow and story and gameplay style… Atleast the graphics sound nice…

Well the guy has been away from FF for quite sometime.Maybe he’s not tainted :stuck_out_tongue: