Blue Dragon in Saga? … tamaga.jpg

Can someone please explain?

You can get the Solo Wing type dragon in PDS :slight_smile:

#Spoiler for Saga#

You have to find the dragon pup in Shelcoof then merge with it later on in the forest (making your way from the desert)
As far as I can remember you need to have found all the D-Units first (and become the Light Wing). I could be wrong but I’m sure someone will clear it up who’s played it more recently.

Yes you need the D-Units because only the Light Wing has enough power to break all the pyramids in georgious, thus opening the gate that leads inside shellcoof where the dragon pup is.
I think atleast…I don’t remember well

Nah you can get the Baby Wing with the Eye Wing transformation…

But you need the Light Wing to enter the Red Ruins…

Which is ALSO WRONG, (use the tunnels below where IGO was)

You just need the light wing because the place you put the Baby Dragon on has a full circle laser rank requirement.

?ou think you know anything about PDS just cause you wrote a Faq?

I knwo what I’m saying : you can only enter the red tuins via blue ruins if you have already entered the red ruins via door…

Smart ass…


Excuse me? Play the game AGEHN.

Without getting the light wing, fly over the Forest of Zoah all the way up north, find a Cacoon of Naga and fly down it.

Red Ruins. I thank you.

And you can’t enter the red ruins from the blue ruins, afaik, you just return to the map if you try that.

And yes, I consider myself to the fact I do know pretty much everything about Saga. Except where to find the Drone Report in game.

You are wrong Arc.Those cocoons (more than one btw) aren’t “open” until you have entered the Red Ruins via door.

Btw fancy avie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m almost positive I’ve entered the Red Ruins with the Arm Wing.

Where are D-Unit 6, 11 and 12?

6 - Underneath a post of the Black Ruins in Uru North

11 & 12 - In the Tower, 14F north

[quote=“Arcie”]6 - Underneath a post of the Black Ruins in Uru North

11 & 12 - In the Tower, 14F north[/quote]

Isn’t one of the sections in the tower labeled incorrectly in game?

Yep. The Japanese translation was buggered because of the differences in the compass. In the Middle East, the compasses are different; China, for example, has the top of it’s compass being south and the bottom North. If you read my FAQ I state that I think the japanese compass is a total reverse, for reasons unknown to me.

If you really did try to get through the tower with that guide then I feel extremely sorry for you. You’d be screaming “WHERE’S THE BLASTED SWITCH???” for about 10 minutes only to discover it’s through the other side…