BloodRed Wyvern (Panzer Dragoon clone)

This guy from Japan has a knack for building upon this series of Panzer Dragoon clones. While I don’t think the game is polished as well as it could be, this game is fun and I’d gladly own it if I had a PSVita.

It originally started off as “Leucistic Wyvern” on XBLIG, then he brought it over to PSMobile under a slightly different name. So far, he’s made 3 of these, and the latest one resembles Panzer Dragoon much more closely.

BloodRed Wyvern:
BloodRed Wyvern 2:

I’m proud of this guy! Makes me want to get my behind in gear and finish the one I started! Anyone else ever play these?


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I’ve actually played BloodRed Wyvern 2, got it on my Vita a while ago. For just a couple bucks I think it’s a really fun mini shooter, but dang some later levels could use some polish cause it can get a bit unfair. But hey whenever I boot up my Vita I still give it a couple of go’s.

These games look fun. Very similar gameplay to the Panzer Dragoon rail shooters. I wonder why they’re only available on PS Vita.