Black Fleet Laugh Fest

Black Fleet Laugh Fest

Lol, this made me laugh so much that we should try to ask the maker to save it to get a chuckle or two in the future.

The subs really do sound like what everyone is saying.

I would have liked this more if there had been some attempt to create a story from the Panzerese. Maybe we could try to come up with one for laughs.

Check out the part later in the intro (not in this video) where the Emperor is instructing his servant to go after Craymen. It sounds like “To do that, it’s cat and mouse, Grig Orig!”


I’m waiting for Gehn to show up on a worm rider and say “Damn it’s the Empire. I’ll make them pay!”

That was actually pretty funny. The subtitled part anyway.

All those sums. Seagull.

Zastava’s laugh still makes me laugh too for some reason. It’s so maniacal.

lol @ the video