Bioware + Pandemic =?

It kind of reminds me of the New SEGA, at least how they were until the NEW New SEGA became more or less just like the Old SEGA. Not that there’s anything wrong with the Old SEGA, but the New SEGA was just super funky for the few years it maintained integrity.

So umm, this actually sounds pretty cool I think.

I believe they will continue to function primarily independant, its just that they are owned financially together.

Well… the only worry is Bioware dumbing down, hwoever given biowares core makret it woulnt make sense for them to do this. There willa ccording to teh sources I read be a degree of “cretaive exchange”. No I think its positive news. Its a fincial boost to the finest RPG makers ever, after all I am definately looking forward to Dragon Age, Mass effect and Hade Empire 2, which will help make thier games even more polished. Pandemic may not make the best games (though I did enjoy Mercenaries) but they may improve with Biowares support. All in all a victory for indpendant devolpers over the icnreaisngly tyraniccal publishers, especially EA and the endless crap they spew.

I was hoping for a comment on the CEO…

I presume your refering to Bono, I’m not sure hes CEO but hes deinately on the board. Doesn’t bother me one way or the other to be honest expcet if hes got the connections, creative talent to enhance the games in these companies then so much the better.