BG&E 2 trailer leaked

Seems like the E3 trailer for the BG&E sequel was leaked by kotaku:–evil-2-footage

It looks absolutely amazing imo, and if this trailer is any indication then BG&E 2 is shaping up to be the sequel everyone (including Ubisoft’s marketing department) was hoping for.

Dunno if it’s legit, but if so, I hope that’s just part of the gameplay, and it retains the explorative investigative feel and expands on it further. Otherwise, it might as well be Mirror’s Edge 2.

Dear sweet god, that shames every parkour-related game released thus far.

I’ll echo the hope that it retains the investigative feel (as well as keeping the original’s overall relaxed pace), but I’m not too worried. This looks like a grand, “next-gen” evolution of the intense ‘chase sequences’ from the original.

My only concern is the striking lack of animal people, although I assume this is a different planet.

EDIT: Also, D-Unit, thanks very much for posting it up! :anjou_happy:

Either that’s Ubisoft TM fake GCI footage make to look in game, or its running on a Mega PC . If that is on 360 or PS3 , then Ubi more or less shamed every developer in 30 sec , and made them all look rather pathetic . Can’t see it somehow

Definitely CG, everything is too smooth, as in even if it was an expert player running through the game you would see a lot of repeated frames in animation for similar actions.

I like how they’re continuing the whole Assassin’s Creed feel of the game where your character is always aware of their surroundings, I remember Ubisoft hyping that up pretty big when it first came out.

BG&E 2 better keep the adventure elements of the first game though, I don’t want a straight up action platformer.

Yeah, looks just like Mirrors Edge, but I think it will turn out “beyond” our expectations. It’s only one vid, so don’t hold judgement just yet.