Beyond Good & Evil 2



So it does still exist. I’m really unsure how I feel after the trailer they dropped. I’m disappointed that it’s a prequel, and the realistic artstyle isn’t working for me. Also, what the heck is up with the ridiculous amount of profanity they’ve been throwing around? I feel kind of scarred. :anjou_embarrassed:

So does anyone think this will actually come out this time or will it vaporize again?


Yeah, the swearing is kind of off-putting…Kind of out of place from the first game. Well, besides that, I really like the aesthetic of the world Ancel has created here. It’s like a living breathing Angkor Wat!

I don’t know…I don’t usually care for prequels as they are always forced to connect to the source material in the end. Sometimes this can limit the creative direction. And sometimes that can be a disaster, if done incorrectly or can just ruin what the first game alluded to entirely. But, this is the second game in the series, so there is a lot to build upon.

As far as a release: please don’t turn into a Last Guardian scenario!..Also, he said it was going to be online? Can we please just have a standalone off-line game separate from the online features!!!

To tell you the truth, I think the Switch will last at least 6 years, 7 at the most. So that’s the release window we have. See you in 10 ha, ha!!!


Here’s the trailer:

Making it seem more grown up increases the likelihood of better sales (since adults are the ones with cash). Whereas a superficial look at the original Beyond Good & Evil might lead one to perceive it as a children’s game. Ubisoft obviously expect to make money off BG&E2, otherwise it wouldn’t happen.

That said, I’m not how I feel about this new direction. Perhaps others who have played the original all the way through can comment about whether this is an acceptable compromise.


The direction and aesthetics as far as the world is concerned, is spot on. And what you would expect continuing the themes and art direction of the first game. The Angkor Wat-like city is definitely something you’d see in this universe.

From what I"ve seen, character personality is comparable to the first game. I mean the pig, monkey, and girl all had their own distinct personalities. I didn’t feel like anything felt forced or wooden (apart from the profanity, but adult audience an all now…) Jade and Pey’j both felt like they had flowing organic personalities. I hope these characters do as well. No forced dialogue or contrived humor. The monkey escaping through the roof after giving the pig a chocolate idol was pretty hilarious, after his potty mouth talk!

Gameplay? Well, they mentioned online…So if there isn’t a single player narrative and we are playing a subscription fee-themed online game. That is incredibly disappointing…We’ll just have to wait and see until they show the first gameplay footage.


It seems every big budget game these days is getting a multiplayer component. That’s understandable, as the cost of multiplayer is usually lower than a cinematic campaign and is often a greater revenue stream as it encourages people not to trade in the game after completing the story mode. We can only hope that the inclusion of multiplayer doesn’t negatively impact the campaign, as with The Last of Us and Tomb Raider (2013), where the multiplayer was a completely seperate mode.


Why anyone would want a prequel to the first game is beyond me. The ending was so open that a sequel is what I think everyone wanted, so I’m really disappointed that’s not the direction we’re going in.

I was excited for this game, but now I’m just apathetic.


I don’t know what is about more modern games, but the photorealism coupled of the artwork feels like it makes it LESS immersive for me, than many games in the past. I just don’t feel invited into these world as before. I dunno if I’m just getting old or what…

Compared to that first trailer and gameplay footage for this game, featuring Pey’j and Jade…this does not grab me at all. Obviously it’s CG, so the in-game graphics and style might make a bit different but…I’m not feeling it.

I read this article on the game and it seems the whole premise is vastly different than the first game.

I’m not sure about game developers ability to make compelling narratives in games that feature coop and branching story aspects. This game sounds like an action/adventure Mass Effect kind of game…set in BG&E universe. Hmmm…we’ll see


There is an ign article that talks about you creating either a human or hybrid character. You will then be able to amass a bunch of pirates (all unique to your game session) and travel from the ground, to the other side of the planet, and into space all seamlessly, without loading times.

They talked about how you would get random side characters, serving as your main party, who could do different things (have different skills, perform certain tasks), aside from the fixed story characters.

This game is still at least 3 years off, by the way. They said they aren’t even past the planning/tech demo stage of development yet…!


Yeeeeeeeah…well, see you guys for another tech demo in about 8 or 9 years. :anjou_sigh:


After reading IGN’s article on the game ( I’ve gone from being apathetic due to it being a prequel, to being excited about the game in it’s own right.

It remains to be seen just how much of this incredible mix of technology and passion they can pull off, but they promised to be back at E3 next year with a playable demo so perhaps we’ll have a better idea then.


BG&E is still one of my all-time favorite games. My first impressions of the trailer weren’t good. The profanity and breast jiggling may give the impression of a more mature game, but personally I found it has the reverse effect. The original BG&E is as much of a kid’s game as, for example, Zelda. This is something entirely different and not necessarily more mature. On its own, this is a great trailer, but as a sequel (actually a prequel, curiously named BG&E 2) to BG&E I’m not sure what to think about this. On the other hand, what’s retained is the multi-cultural influences and diverse cast. That’s really the only thing that reminded me of BG&E.

Ultimately, it’s clear fans of the original need to set aside their initial expectations and accept this as a totally different game. It’s probably the most ambitious game I’ve ever seen, what they’re trying to do seems impossible. I remember when No Man’s Sky was unveiled, thinking it would be impossible for the game to deliver on its promise. Now, Ancel is basically making a game that’s supposed to be a combination of Star Citizen, Mass Effect and No Man’s Sky. I hope they succeed. The CGI trailer alone must have been incredibly costly.


I guess we can find out how close they get to their vision at next E3, when they show off the full demo! Here we go, waiting again!


Gameplay Gifs:


I’ve always found it odd when prequels are named this way. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel as well. Panzer Dragoon II. I guess that the “2” indicates that it is newer, but it wouldn’t be hard to come up with a more appropriate title.


I agree, but I guess we all overthink this guys.

They just keep it simple for the masses… number two because it was released later.


Where did you find this ? It looks awesome t me, although I never played the first game.
I would like to get it on PC but the HD is not available :confused:


Is that really much more than a res hack? You could always set the resolution on the PC versions. From what I hear, the gog version is the one you want over steam.


Wha? Those gifs are from the Beyond Good and Evil 2 prototype, showed at E3 behind closed doors…


Wow, I didn’t know BG&E had so much more detail when you bump the resolution up!

Heh. Sorry, I meant that in reply to Eliot-Ness regarding the HD version of BG&E.


Thank you ! I didn’s see those gifs before, even on VIdeo Games websites, only the official trailer…

Well the “HD” version seems to have been reworked for the XBOX/PS, too bad I cannot play this version to discover the BG&E1 game for the firs time