Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Mirror's Edge 2 at E3?

Lately several hints have popped up, suggesting that sequels BG&E and Mirror’s Edge, two games that were commercial failures but have established a dedicated fanbase, might be show at E3:

NeoGaf thread about a recent video from Dice, hinting a possible Mirror’s Edge 2 reveal:

One user noted a Mirror’s Edge bag in the background of this video from Dice:

Mirror’s Edge 2 Domain Registered By EA

Ubisoft is also teasing a possible BG&E 2 reveal at E3 on their Facebook page:

The game was also listed on the E3 insider website, it’s now been removed but the old trailers are still there:

While nothing has been confirmed, it seems we might be in for an interesting E3 (especially if Crimson Dragon shows up as well).

Would be nice… So long as they’re the real deal, not on rails/kinect2 edition :stuck_out_tongue:

Mirror’s Edge was just officially confirmed, first trailer:

I’m really looking forward to this game. I’m not sure if I should be worried the trailer focuses mostly on combat (since it’s EA, I probably should). Apparently the game is a reboot, a bit of an odd choice but it might not actually be a bad decision.

Well I can’t tell anything from that CG…

Hopefully the game’s less clumsy than the first though, there’s potential in the concept.

The parts that are in first person perspective seem to be in-game though.

Also, no Beyond Good & Evil 2. :anjou_disappointment:

Here is the only hint of info I could find on Beyond Good and Evil 2. … ood-evil-2

So, apparently they have moved all of the games development and resources to PS4 and Xbox One. Seems like another yet long development road to me. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into anther Last Guardian or Duke Nukem Forever fiasco… :anjou_sigh: