Beyond Good and Evil

What are your thoughts on this game?I got it Tuesday (along with Otogi) and I’m loving it!!!

My preformed idea of it, was very wrong.I thought it was childish and suposed to be cute.

Turns out it features possibly the best female character ever!In a hero role anyways…

She’s not Miss Badass (clich?) nor is she a cute faced girl afraid of everything waiting for her prince (cliche).

She acts natural.And i love her for that :slight_smile:

Anyways the game features other great characters and the gameplay proved to be very good too.The graphics are also sweet!Buy this;it’s an order!

It was pretty fun, though a bit short. Some of the voice-acting is spec-freakin-tacular, especially Pey’j (sp?).

Chiliiii Con Caaaarneeeee!!!

Pey’J rocks. The characters are what made the game. Double H, Jade, Pey’J… all fantastic.

I loved this game. Great to look at, great to play. Fantasic music score too.

It might have been short, but I rather play a fantasic short game like this (and ICO).

Rather than 40+ of boreing cr*P

You really love your Xbox don’t you Gehn? Make sure you buy Headhunter 2 when it’s released.

Any why not ;). It’s by far the best console around at the moment. Plus it’s ot the best next gen game ever in the Shape of ORTA.

Which is still the best looking console game around (even better than Ninja Gaiden).

Though the X-Box is no Saturn. The best console ever made

What amke say that?But yes I like it.I’m having the fun I never had before.I only had one other console, the Saturn.But I never had any games.I bought more games in an year for my XBox than I did in 2 years for the Saturn.

I’m thinking about buying Ninja Gaiden but what I really want is Shinobi and Nightshade for the Playstation 2. I’m also tempted to buy a GameCube just to own all the Resident Evil games on one console. I can only pray that Resident Evil 4 will find its way onto another console eventually.

I’m either forced to buy all three consoles to play the games I love, or miss out. Sigh. This is but one of the reasons I’m so jaded with the games industry.

At least you are content with a single console Gehn.

That’s what you think…
There are some games I want from other consoles : Eternal Darkness,Metroid Prime,Jak 3 (i only want this cause Amy Henning is working on this…) and some other things…

Finished ther game.Great game, can’t wait fro the inevitable sequel…

This line just made me burst.I laughed my ass off : “Segundo el Major screw-up!”


It was one of the best scenes I ever saw on a videogame…

I know people who would get pissed off at that, but I have Ninja Gaiden and, yep, Orta is still prettier. Orta is better looking than most games though.

Why would you think the sequel was inevitable, Gehn? The game’s price dropped to $20 in less than 3 months here in the US… and sales are less than stellar.

Games like that don’t usually get sequels :frowning:

PD hint hint :wink:

What amkes me think that there is gonna be a sequel??

Pey’j’s hand.Jade’s origins(mystery).

Sure, the hand makes it seem like it, but again, I’m sure the game was made with expectations that it would sell. But reality is a harsh mistress.

I’ve just acquired a copy of Beyond Good and Evil, and all I can say is: why didn’t this game sell?!

This game is simply awesome. I must admit that I have a weakness for action/adventure games though (like Blade Runner for the PC and Headhunter for the Dreamcast), so I’m almost predestined to view it in a positive light. However, there’s no doubt in my mind that this game deserved to sell more copies than it did.

There was a bug in the PC version that Ubisoft didn’t fix even though it stops you from continuing the game by blocking your progress. Luckily someone created a program that fixed the problem, but man, I’m surprised no one at Ubisoft noticed it…

I also loved it.

Brilliant game. Other than Panzer Dragoon Saga, Beyond Good and Evil literally defines the term “cinemtatic game”. I guess nobody bought it was because it had a pig for a character.

It’s a shame that because games like Planescape: Torment and Beyond Good and Evil didn’t sell well we may never see anything quite like them again. This is one of the reasons why I’m so disgusted with the games industry.

I hate it when people regard great games as worthless merely because they didn’t sell.

But anyway, I have to get back to saving the universe from unspeakable evils with my trusty camera.

Funny you mention it Drgoon Lover cause one of the resons why I bought BG&E was because I decided to give “goofy-lookin” characters a chance namely Pey’j (“funny looking pig” I said).

Don’t worry Geoff, I bet that sooner or later there will be a sequel ( to Beyond anyways : ) judging by that ending and the overall quality of the game witnessed by everyone with two eyes…

That last boss was treading a fine line between tough and frustating. I prevailed eventually though.

I’m not worried if we see a sequel or not. I actually felt that the ending wrapped up the story nicely, even with the unexpected twist at the very end.

Btw, judging from the credits, Beyond Good and Evil was voice acted in several different languages, which would’ve been quite costly and might explain why the game was as short as it was.