Beyond Good and Evil Discussion

Okay SPOILER warning ahead. I just beat the game. I must say: it was one hell of an adventure! Who thought the chases through the city with action packed slow motion were just simply awesome? I did!

I would just like to ask people who played the game what they think about the ending? What are your thoughts on how it concluded?

So, Jade was some kind of ultimate Domz power connected to the Domz Priest (actually she was a part of the Domz Priest and was somehow changed into a human). She had the power of life within her. I was kind of puzzled at the end when the Domz Priest holds his hands under Jade and sort of rises her up in an affectionate manner. Immediately after it is obvious that Jade resurrected all the kidnapped citizens, but after defeating the Domz Priest, did Jades power somehow change him into a being of kindness?

Also, after the credits it seems Jade has gone missing (much like Edge :anjou_happy: ) and we get a glimpse of Pay’je at the lighthouse. Somehow he has become infected with the same Domz device Double H was infected with. Was this a last ditch effort for the Domz Priest to ensure his survival, if he were to perish? There are so many questions that need to be answered. I hope the rumor about the development of the second game is true. We need BG&E 2!

Oh, Alucard von Elru what exactly was the game breaking glitch in the final area? I am just curious as to what caused your game to become broken.

Oh, Alucard von Elru what exactly was the game breaking glitch in the final area? I am just curious as to what caused your game to become broken.[/quote]

SPOILERS, of course! :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, you know the last room in the final level where they broadcast the last truths to the people of Hyllis? It’s perfectly possible to go there as soon as you get Pey’j. You can go back to the elevator and go back down to the Beluga, and do the puzzle needed to get to that room, go to the room, and then find that there’s nothing for you to do there yet. At first, I thought nothing of this, since I had gotten there so easily…

What you are supposed to do, of course, is slip through the glass in the room where you get Pey’j, leaving he and HH behind, and then go on ahead and wrap up the report. When I finished that and returned… HH was gone! It’s as if his character data had completely vanished, and no matter what I did, nothing would bring him back. It’s as if he was never in the level with me at all! o.O Obviously, without him it’s impossible to complete the game, and so with no way out of this glitch I simply had to restart.

I suspect most people never experience this because most probably slip through the glass immediately and never find reason to wander back to the Beluga area. And indeed, as you step on the elevator down to the Beluga, Pey’j says something to the affect of “we don’t need to be here right now.” But that’s his only warning. At that point, most would probably figure that the next solution was back in the room where you got him, but for some reason I was extra dense, didn’t spot the glass by the save area, and just went down the elevator, thus breaking my game eventually! XD

Due to the nature of it, it’s not really the game’s fault, it really is MINE, and I don’t hold it against the game. I just thought I’d give you fair warning, just in case. :anjou_happy:

And as far as the ending goes, I’m still not exactly sure what happened during it! :stuck_out_tongue: I like to formulate theories in my head, but I’m generally not the type to put them out there for speculation. I do LOVE the ending, though. I am the type of person that loves a good cliffhanger, and BGE’s ending certainly fits the bill. In spite of not wrapping up things, it was exciting and emotional and truly satisfied me. I suppose that’s because I really like that feeling of wondering “what’s next?”

I have a lot of favorite moments, but the chase scenes (particularly the final one) are chief among them. I think my favorite moment in the entire game, though, was when you finally get the Beluga up and running, and can now fly around this gorgeous world that had felt so massive at the start of the game… Everything about flying the Beluga was perfect, and I felt such a rush when I first blasted it out of Hyllis and into space! I also loved the feeling of flying alongside some of the massive airborne creatures that previously proved so difficult to get a shot of! :wink:

Did you snap a photo of all of the species in the game, and get all of the Pearls on Hyllis? I highly reccomend doing both. The game has what has become just about my favorite game-world ever, and some of the hunts for creatures and Pearls can take you to places you would otherwise not see.

I got all the pearls, but missed one animal in the Factory. So I see on my map that I missed an animal at the Factory (the place where you had to get the big elevator working). The animal is on the 4th floor, and I can’t get back up there, even worse: the elevator isn’t working any more. I can make it up to the 3rd floor (the place where you fight that green monster) and there are red lasers blocking my way. I’m not sure but I think I’m missing this animal:

  1. Blabera Gregaria
    Looks Like: Tiny bugs.
    Found: In the Factory, in the Closet on the upper levels. Open the cabinet.
    Place a food item in the cabinet and take a picture once you get a green
    circle, as it gets carried away.
    Pay: 700 Units

I know for certain though that it’s on the 4th floor and I can’t get back up there.

That thing is also found somewhere in the City. It’s down in the square, in one of the doors down there that was locked with those unique keys. It leads to a room with some stuff in it, and one of the things is a counter nearly identical to the one in the Factory, and you just lay a Starkos down and let the bugs come out for it, and snap the picture!

I’m sorry if my description is a bit bleh, as I last played a couple of months ago. However, it is in one of those locked areas in the square in the city.

Okay I definitely remember getting that one. I actualy took a picture of it in the city. So it must be this one:

  1. Arachnis Viridis
    Location: From the Closet, you can reach the Nutripils Vat. Press the switch
    on the right side of the vat and then sneak around the left side to avoid the Alpha Sections Guard. Go through the doorway. In the next corridor, you’ll find some Arachnis Viridis, which are little green spiders.


  1. Rattus Albus
    Location: This rodent can be tough to photograph. In the X-Ray Verification Room, you will find a catwalk. Follow it to the other side of the room. Move down the ramp and you’ll see a white rat in the ventilation duct beneath the ramp. Hop down to the lower ramp. This makes the rat run away. Go to the very bottom of this ramp and wait for the rat to come back. Then, crouch and move toward it. When you get close enough, you can take its picture. If you stand up, it will run off again, so be careful.

I’m using my animal radar, and it shows the animal on the 4th floor. I just wish I could get back up there… Is there any way to veiw the animals you have already gotten, like how you can see how many pearls you have?


I don’t think she was missing, I assume the reason she wasn’t on any of the photographs at the end (except for one I think) is because she was in fact holding the camera.

I think it was Jade who infected Pey’j (the infection is on the same hand that Jade was holding when she revived him). Shauni was originally part of the Domz Priest so it would make sense. The title of the game is probably referring to Jade as well (originally the game was meant to be called “Between Good & Evil” but it was changed for marketing reasons).

Hmm, makes sense. I agree.

legaia, it absolutely has to be Rattus Albus! I can’t accept it being those spiders, because they are littered all over Hyllis, including in a room in the City (that you wind up in if you did get all Pearls).

As far as Rattus Albus goes, I remember stumbling upon it on my second time through the game while Pearl hunting… I recall a network of caverns that as soon as you entered, a Crochax came bursting out of the wall, and you had to kind of chase it through the level. It went to the back of the small area, and everything was sealed off by those electric fences, so you had to fight those robot things (if memory serves correctly) to blow up the fences and progress. It was a really small hive area, and once you got to the last segment of it where the Crochax was, there was a small fight against it and a few others that netted you Pearls. In that same segment where the fight takes place, a Rattus Albus appears periodically, if memory serves me correctly, on top of a crate.

And for the record, the only way to view the animals is after you have attained all of them. You are rewarded with an M-disk that you can pop in, and view all of the species, with the last shots you took of them. It even updates if, say, you just took a new picture of Pey’j randomly! :anjou_happy: Very cool!

But yes, I’m pretty sure it’s Rattus Albus that you’re missing.

Thanks for your help but I just figured out that the animal appearing in the Factory was some kind of glitch. I returned there today and my animal radar showed no animals!

And I figured out which animal I was missing:

  1. Megaptera Anaerobia
    Looks Like: A big space whale
    Found: In outer space. Halfway between Hillys and the moon, shoot the big chunk of space ice repeatedly to free the whale.
    Pay: 800 Units

Totally missed this one!

… XD I thought hard about asking you if you got that one, just in case, but I decided not to because of the whole Factory thing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad the animal M-disc doesn’t shed more light on all the various animals like in Panzer Dragoon Saga. It would have been nice to have a 3D gallery and more info, but oh well. I just got M-disc 13 as well. Did the whole Internet mission thing. So, I think I’ve done everything there is to do in the game.

Are there any kind of easter eggs you know of?

Hmm… If you have all Species, all Pearls, and all M-Disks, you’ve done pretty much everything. I too wish the game had some kind of database with info on the various species and possibly even locations and such… possibly for the sequel, right? :anjou_happy: crosses fingers

The only easter egg I can think of is the M-Disk that lets you play the puck game with various adjustable settings. Other than that, not much comes to mind.

I absolutely loved Beyond Good & Evil. I think it is a shame that it did not do that well sales-wise.