Beyond Good and Evil 1080p

I know there’s a few fans of Beyond Good and Evil here. Well, it’s coming to Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network in 2011, updated in 1080p.

This could be a good opportunity to play through it if you haven’t already (I haven’t).

Or play the PC version ($10 - $5) that’s been HD as long as your own PC has? You’ll miss out on some of the enhancements I guess but still, other HD console ports don’t even have any beyond the resolution and people buy them anyway, meh, what a trend.

That’s certainly an option too. Although, does the PC version have controller support?

Even if it doesn’t you could use something like xpadder for that. I’m reading the Steam version has issues with newer OS/hardware though so the more expensive version could be the way to go instead as they seem to care about compatibility.

On second thought, upon reading the game’s forums, if you can’t bother fiddling with settings and fixes (it doesn’t even support widescreen), wait for this version instead. Many of the issues appear “solved” but you never know if that will work for you as well. It probably wasn’t a very good PC port to begin with at the time of release.

I actually own 3 PC versions of it, one 3CD version with the Tag?s DRM that prevents people from finishing the game, one 3CD version without DRM and then the Steam version. There have been various issues with the PC version, widescreen doesn’t work, it doesn’t have controller support and it’s not all that compatible with the latest NVidia/ATI drivers. I’m definitely getting the XBLA and/or PSN version on day one, the game is worth it even without any upgrades especially if you haven’t already played the original.

I can’t wait to play the rooftop scene all over again.

And the boat sequences. Oooohhh the boat sequences.

Exactly. Some games don’t offer any particular advantages on PC, but there can be disadvantages. Unless there’s something about the PC version that’s preferable for a certain type of game (better framerates, etc), there’s no reason to favour the PC version over the console version. Just get the game for your platform of choice and enjoy it.