Best and longest review of PDS I've seen in quite some time

I especially like this quote at the end.

“The game is ‘unofficially’ the best game of all time - recieving the highest MetaReview scores of any game ever made to date.”

Where is metareview? I can’t find a site that confirms this.

Same, after googling for metareview i just found a crappy looking place that people can rate pretty much anything you can imagine on. PDS was listed twice but I don’t think it had any ratings whatsoever, editorial or otherwise.

Anyway I wouldn’t call this the best review by a long shot… But at least it shows someone did a little research for it.

I’ve never even heard of metareview. I’ve heard of metacritic, but I don’t know if Saga is listed on that site. Maybe they mean an averaging of all the popular online review sites. But it can’t be that either. They’re all Final Fantasy VII fans. XD. Except for maybe Game Revolution. This site made a whole bunch of mistakes on its entry for Zwei.

You sounded like you’re blaming FFVII for the poor sales of PDS. Shouldn’t you be happy its one of the rarest games to find? FFVII just came out a year ago before PDS(I don’t see why there’s a problem with FFVII).

Light Wing, can you actually justify how you read that into dragoon lover’s post?!?