Bemani games

You won’t believe it - I actually purchased two dance mats and Dance Dance Revolution extreme.

Although I still suck at this game I have a great time playing and hope to loose a few pounds that way. I never imagined it would be so hard to get started. Foot-eye coordination is something you don’t practice in normal games, which rely on hand-eye coordination.

I purchased my mats together with EyeToy and Singstar, but I didn’t even open the box because Amazon delivered the dance mats first. :wink:

Ever had any experience with Bemani games?

I practice my DDR skills mostly at the arcades. My home mat and game is collecting dust. After a while, playing this game will start to feel like a second language, or like reading music. I mostly stick to 7’s and 8’s, with the odd 9’s every once in a while.

I like Karaoke Revolution better because it doesn’t cause your body pain while playing. XD

Singstar!! That game rules! With the eyetoy too!
Me and my friend went to Hamleys London (The time when we went to see the Formula 1) and we tried it out, its a great game to play with others!

DDR is fun, but I’m not good enough to play in public–just the easy songs for me. :slight_smile: It’s really tiring if you’re out of shape though. Personally, I prefer Karaoke Revolution. Partially because I’m better at it, but also because I love singing.

I have DDR Ultramix for Xbox, it’s very fun. I can’t stand playing in public because people start watching me and that creeps me out. I’m not that good at it, I can’t even beat most of the songs on normal.

I’ve played another game in an arcade, I think it was called Dance Freaks or something. It had weird disc things you put your hands over and under.
I think there was another I played that involved drumming. I thought it was pretty easy because I used to play the drums.