Beggar Prince - New RPG for Genesis/Megadrive!

Beggar Prince is a new RPG planned for release in the spring. It’s compatable in all regions. It’s a bit costly considering how dated the technology is but I think it’ll be worth it.

This is probably the last Genesis game that will ever be released and I thought it might interest some peoples. Also, since Genesis was somewhat lacking in RPGs, this is a game of note. I think it’s exciting and will certainly be ordering a copy. :anjou_happy:

Bloody hell. XD However did they mug empty cartridges from Sega?

Thats awesome! Too bad I don’t have a Genesis anymore. That price isn’t too surprising since they are a smaller developer that is pretty much doing it all themselves.

I bet it will sell like hot cakes to collectors and retro gamers despite being on a dead system and having a relatively high price.