Been a While

Hey mates!
Been a long time since I stopped by(been very busy with RL).
anyway I got some newer “artwerk” for you Panzer Dragoon Fans :slight_smile:

-This one’s called "Imperial Conflict"
Imperai Conflict
It features my new “Victory-Wing” causing havoc to the Empire, with my older “Drone Dragon” as an obstacle to get passed :slight_smile:

-This guy is my Victory-Wing study:
Victory Wing

-These next 2 are my Guardian-D studies:
Guardian-D 1
Guardian-D 2

-And lastly, this is the concept for my “Prophecy-Wing” where by the rider and dragon will merge into one being :slight_smile:
Prophecy Wing

Those are incredible, especially the first and last.

So good!

Welcome back He Who Is The Sky. These pictures are completely badass (no surprise coming from you). The first one is now my wallpaper. :anjou_happy:

I’ll have these added the Fan Art section next time I update.


Guardian-D happens to be my favourite guardian.

Do you have more artwork with it?

Thanks everyone!
Solowing, that would be great!


Guardian-D happens to be my favourite guardian.

Do you have more artwork with it?[/quote]

Then you’ll like this!!

Where did you get that?!?!

Oh my God. This thread must be that ‘ending the decade on a high note’ Solo was talking about. Just breathtaking.

I made him. He was constructed out of some red wire, clay (polymer type called Fimo that gets baked), some epoxy putty (“green stuff” from Games workshop), and some clear plastic (the ones that come from say, an action figure blister package). Then I painted him up.
That Guardian-D is my own design to fit the Panzer universe should it continue into the story of Orta’s “pup’s” future legacy.
(If you go to the “Fan Art” section of this site, you’ll see my “Neo-Dragoon” or “Neo-Wing”. From that base type Legacy of Lagi, can morph into Attack, Defense, Agility, and Spiritual subtypes. as he continues to grow he then condenses into just a “Heavy” and “Glide” subtypes, whereas the “Heavy-wing” concentrates on the “Attack” and “Defense” aspects and the “Glide-wing” incorporates the “Spiritual” and “Agility” aspects. (Oh, and before you ask about it, there are subtypes to the “Poseidon-wing” that you’ll see there as well, I just have not gotten around to the finished designs of them as of yet).

Anyway, I’ve got most of everything worked out in my crazy panzer-filled head of mine… :anjou_embarassed:

:anjou_embarassed: Thanks mate!

Here is my Kreigszwilling (War-Twin):

Pretty cool! Looking forward to see if you make anything else!

I’ll see what I can drum up :anjou_happy:

I which i had that talent.

Is that Guardian-D for sale? :anjou_embarassed:

Holy moses! Those are brilliant. Not only are they fresh, but they’re very true to the designs found in the Saturn games. Wicked stuff.

The Guardian Dragon is just so… so… beautiful. :anjou_sad:

Again, really impressive work there He Who Is The Sky. :anjou_happy:

Looking forward to seeing your next creation.

[quote=“Windrider”]I which i had that talent.

Is that Guardian-D for sale? :anjou_embarassed:[/quote]

It is not, but i do on occasion, take commissions, please PM me on the topic.

Thanks everyone!
I will be posting some stuff I’m currently working out :slight_smile:

As promised, what I am currently working on:
Adult Dracolyth concepts:
My twin Dragon-type Kreigszwilling:
Pure-Type concept based a bit on Nooth/Nuse:
Enjoy mates!

Nice… I look forward to seeing the finished drawings.

By the way, would you be able to please take two or three “clean” photos of each of the models that I can use for the site? By clean, I mean placed on a table or piece of carpet that is all the same colour to hide the surrounding distractions.

Sure, I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile: :anjou_happy:


Here’s my Dracolyth Adult final(the actual illustration to come soon)
Pure-type Idea(another one :slight_smile: )
another Pure-Type (Final)