Anyone gonna pick this up?

I’m saving up money for Dragon Age and Dante’s Inferno.

The demo is out now…anyone try it out yet?

It’s Platinum Games’ most succesful title, good to see them strike gold. The Okami team for those not aware. Clover = Platinum Games. So, yeah, I think it’s a good game, not for me though, so I didn’t play it anywhere yet. I will at some point, I’m just not in a hurry.

That’s really interesting!

Anyway, demo is awesome, full game ought to be amazing. If you’re a multiplatform gamer, 360 is the only way to go. Read this to see why.

Yes, good, simple, plain English can be interesting, especially when you cut off parts of it. Being able to get the impression it’s a good game before I play it comes with decades of experience and some common sense while evaluating freely available information and footage. Almost anyone (not you?) can do that. Of course, I said “I think” as opposed to “I know” because until I play it I can’t make such a strong statement, but even going by impressions like yours my educated guess appears to be very much correct. It’s strange how things like that work, maybe temjin747 will even “think” the game is good because of your comment, even though he hasn’t played it. How interesting would that be?! But hey, who am I to argue about what you find interesting? Whatever works for you.

:anjou_happy: Best get used it .

Anyway the game is great , but not even in the same League as Ninja Gaiden , never mind Ninja Gaiden II . NG Combat system is all but perfect, nothing comes close

Alex - In defense of Parn’s snark, there is a very big difference between saying “I think it’s a good game” vs “I think it looks like a good game.” The first definitely implies first hand knowledge, whereas the second is speculation. While the first may have simply been intended as a truncation of the second, the omission of key words completely changes the meaning of the sentence, thus the confusion. This is particularly important because your post started off with a tone of bestowing knowledge, but it quickly shifted into a matter of speculation with little change indication.

Abadd, you’re killing my fun. The forum needs activity, and we could have dragged it on for at least another three pages.

Aw, really? I figured my uptight diction would have resulted in a long discussion about the need for strict editing in forum posting. Ah well.

Point well taken. Carry on!

I don’t think there was any confusion for anyone but Parn, if confusion is what he was trying to express there (somehow I doubt that). Perhaps the use of English wasn’t perfect in that first quoted part, but I don’t think it implies first hand experience as you say, it just completely lacks the reasons I think it’s good (sue me for not writing an essay for once) while the rest of the text shows there’s no first hand experience in this case, leaving the only other likely explanation to be what I described in the next comment I wrote, which most people other than Parn wouldn’t need in the first place. I don’t see anything worthy of mocking there but hey, whatever works for people. If it was in fact confusion he was expressing, I’ve explained it enough to resolve it then.

And lol @ TA of all people siding with others criticizing my use of English. On a forum :wink:


And lol @ TA of all people siding with others criticizing my use of English. On a forum ;)[/quote]

I’m not knocking your lack of English at all . I’m pointing out to Parn, best get used to you, posting impressions of games and systems you don’t own much less have ever played .
All the more irony , when you knock reviews of Wii games , based on a couple of hrs playtime by the reviewer .

I fail to see the irony considering I didn’t review Bayonetta or any other game I haven’t played (it was you who judged SOJ’s output even though you haven’t played the majority of its games since they have yet to be localised), but I should be used to you grasping at straws, stretching and twisting what I say to hell and back. As for that other game, I’ve played it. You can go to that thread to discuss it, and I’ll make sure to respond.

Oboro muramasa? Yeah you played it, and knocked the reviewer for playing just couple of hrs , while compiling their review .
Funny that … coming from the man that gives me the 7th degree on Kenzan , only to find out you don’t own a PS3 much less Kenzan.
How many of these rubbish , flashy next gen games have you actually played ??? Most of them ? , played them for longer than 3 hrs each ??

Remember that , next time you have issue’s with reviews , based on just a couple of hrs playtime. Unless I missed something both Kenzan or Bourne Conspiracy never came out on that lovely little PC of yours .

I’ve already said many times I have access to all systems even if I don’t own them at home, pretending that’s not true doesn’t make your points valid. And yes, I’ve played tons of flashy games long enough, and I would play them far longer if I was supposed to review them instead of simply state my opinion of them on a message board. But no, not all games need to be played that long to determine if they’re rubbish. Of course, I won’t go claiming they’re too easy or anything like that if I’m only through the first level or boss. You see, you need to look at things within their context. Knocking that particular review doesn’t mean knocking every review with 3 hours of playtime. Some games can be finished in 3 hours (not that one). The reviewer could well show a deep understanding of the game within that time frame (though a review should still go to the end as a game can lose or gain value quite easily). That reviewer, did not. I can play a game and see it’s broken and shit at its very core, I won’t want to play the whole, but I won’t make assumptions about difficulty, level design, or any other elements that could vary, improve or degrade later on. As for the rest of your post, I see nothing new, just re-read my last, and my first response to Parn, since it’s very possible to gauge a game’s quality without playing it and with little margin for error if you research it deep enough, which again, that reviewer, going by his factual errors, did not. Why are you bringing that convo in here?

Every time Al3xand3r prattles, I picture something along the lines of this:

Everyone’s egging him on and having a good time, but he’s in his own universe.

I played the PS3 demo and do intend to buy the game, but it just looks awful compared to the Xbox360 version. The demo apparently shows some improvement over the Japanese PS3 version, but it’s unlikely that they’ll manage to reach the quality of the Xbox360 version…

Is it because the PS3 version is a port of the 360 version?

My friend played the demo, disliked it and then showed me a video on Youtube of said demo.

God it looks really camp, and doesn’t seem to have any kind of personality at all. I’m not sure whether it’s meant to be a fun game that doesn’t take itself seriously, or something that’s trying too hard to be taken seriously. The main character is just generic (and why does she walk that way!?) and there are RINGS in the game. It’s like playing Sonic!

Typical of the kind of game Sega has been pushing in the last few years.